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Goldnitro down? Use these alternatives that will be with you forever!


Goldnitro was an Instagram advertising and management automation that could direct your Instagram account to your target audience by focusing on your business.

With the recent changes that Instagram has made about anti-automation policies, growth has become impossible for users who have used these services such as Goldnitro, and some of them faced problems such as being blocked by Instagram.

Goldnitro was design based on a person’s natural behavior on Instagram and her/his interactions with different people in the space, but the platform was completely shut down due to the overall change that Instagram made on October 31st.

people on Instagram like the posts that they like, comment on the posts that are important to them and follows those who are in line with their interests and opinions.

But the main difference between this platform and the natural behavior of a person was that it was doing this act without stopping and 24 hours a day so that it completely contradicted the rules set by Instagram and caused problems for those who used Goldnitro.

Today we are going to introduce you to an alternative platform that is managed by experts and will never be shut down because instead of using automation policy, it will manage your account using human resources and according to your interests and tastes.

Instead of using automation services, use AiGrow’s strategy

 Before we explain how to work with this platform, we will give you a brief explanation about this service.

AiGrow is a highly professional platform run by experts and individuals with sufficient knowledge of social media strategy, and one of its outstanding features is that it is driven by human resources.

That’s why you’ll never have to worry about your page being blocked by Instagram.

How To Create A Good Strategy For Instagram Using AiGrow

As you know, more participation in any social media can  consider a measure of your fans’ loyalty to your page.

If you want to get real sales and revenue from Instagram, you need to come up with a good strategy.

Designing this strategy will be based on your goal in choosing this social network.

  • First Step_Define your goal

After you have complete your registration on this platform and add your accounts, it will be the turn to set your goals, which will be very important and valuable.

The page where you added your accounts is called Dashboard.

After logging in to your dashboard, click on Manage Account.

Then on the new page, you will find some tabs, one of which is called growth.

On this page, you can set your goals.

These goals include the following:

  • Hashtaghs:

You need to choose the right hashtags for every goal you follow on Instagram because choosing the wrong hashtags will take you away from your goals.

For example, if you manage an art page and try to sell your artwork ​​on Instagram You have to choose hashtags that are related to the subject of art so that your posts will be displayed in this category.

AiGrow will help you find the best and most widely used hashtags with its advanced tools.


  • Locations:

Location is another factor in your growth because by identifying the location, you are targeting followers who are at a specific location.

For example, if you are in New York and you want to sell your products to people who live in Turkey, you need to determine the location, because by doing so, you will target those who live in Turkey and your post will be displayed for users who are the resident of Turkey.

  • Influencer Accounts:

Get to know your competitors and put them under a magnifying glass!

They show you the way to success very quickly.

They have audiences that can be your audiences in the future.

If you want to work on Instagram and make money, you must first determine who your target audience is.

Instead of just thinking about attracting followers, you should be concerned about finding your target audience and getting to know them fully.

When you don’t know what your audience is interested in, what their needs and concerns are, you can’t prepare content or posts for them.

AiGrow will easily extract this information by recognizing your competitors and will analyze the activities of your competitors using advanced tools.

  • Upload a list:

You can also create a list of competitors or users you want to interact with and give it to AiGrow.

Don’t forget that this information is very important because AiGrow will use this information to design your success plan.

  • Likes/Follows/Unfollows/Direct Message:

Certainly, the best Instagram posts are the ones that have become the most popular among Instagram users and have been able to get the most likes.

These posts are usually related to the accounts that have the most followers on Instagram.

In order to increase your followers on Instagram, you must first interact with them.

Like them, follow them reciprocally, reply to their comments and reply to their messages in the direct section.

As we explained at the beginning of this article, all of these behaviors together constitute a person’s natural behavior on social media.

AiGrow will provide you with a dedicated growth manager who will engage with your target audience in order to grow your page.

this is the main difference between Goldnitro and AiGrow.

Your account manager will proceed based on the goals you have set, and after a while, you will notice the incredible growth of your account.

Step 2: Use AiGrows Scheduler

Now it’s time to create targeted content on Instagram based on your purpose.

If you know your audience well, at this point you can find interesting topics to talk about with your audience.

Your Instagram posts should have beautiful, high-quality photos.

You should also write professional and accurate captions.

The next point is that you need to have a scheduler for publishing your posts on Instagram.

If you have your own personal style, you will be more effective and your chances of success in attracting followers will increase many times over.

AiGrow will design this style for you using Scheduler.

Just click on the Scheduler option and prepare your post in advance for weeks and even months to  publish on the date you want.

You can also use the Repost option to share other people’s posts on your page.

With such an option, you will never have to worry about content because there will always be ready-made content and you just have to choose from it.

You can use the Scheduler and Repost to schedule your stories and your feed.

One of the most important steps in determining your Instagram strategy is to measure and get feedback from your audience.

By doing this, you can find out which posts your audience is most interested in and publish the same models in the coming months.

For example, if your audience welcomes your personal videos, you should produce this content model more than any other content.

Tip: if you purchase The VIP Managed Instagram Service it will provide you with a dedicated growth manager who will produce content for your account and publish it at the right time and get feedback from your audience and will manage your account in the best way is possible.

Step3_Use AiGrows Social calender

As you know, every month has special occasions.

You can attract more followers by creating posts in which you point to special events of each month, and also create more intimacy between yourself and your users by doing so.

 You can use the social calendar provided by AiGrow to select the best posts in this calendar according to the occasion and share them on your page.

Planning through a Social Calendar and producing content based on it on social media allows you to do most of your work on a regular basis with the least amount of time and energy.

Another important part of Instagram’s Social Calendar is scheduling the time of each post.

Once you know how users are behaving and reacting to your posts, and it’s clear to you when users are most likely to be online, you can easily determine this timing.

AiGrow will automatically share your post on the date you specify and will provide you the best content based on the best hashtags.

Step4_Use AiGrows Post And Reward

There are thousands of ways to interact with users, one of which is to reward them.

You can encourage your customers to buy your products by creating a discount coupon and sending it to your followers.

Or you can attract more followers by holding a contest on your page and giving prizes to users.

An Instagram contest actually does some kind of marketing for you.

Holding an Instagram contest is a professional and engaging solution to enhance your Instagram followers.

You can run a contest and ask users to mention their friends and follow you.

As we said, Instagram algorithms change a lot over time, and if we want to briefly explain these changes to you, Instagram is moving towards more interaction with users.

Previously, posts on Instagram were arranging in chronological order, and when you were entering the Home tab, you saw the posts in chronological order.

But this is not the case today.

Today, one of the most important Instagram factors to show posts is your page’s engagement rate.

You can ask users to like you and mention their friends below your post, all of which will increase your participation rate, and this will help you to be seen on Instagram Explorer and it shows you to a wider range of your followers.

Now the question is, how will AiGrow help you with this?

By specifying the rules of the contest for AiGrow, you can automatically run your contest and leave choosing the winner to AiGrow.

AiGrow will select the winner according to the factors you have set for the contest and automatically send the message that you have already drafted to him/her.

Also, you can automatically reward followers for sharing your posts using Post and Reward feature.

Step5-Use Bio-Link feature to drive Instagram traffic

As you know, Instagram has its limitations.One of these restrictions is the ban on placing multiple links on Instagram bio.

This means that anyone can put only one URL in their Instagram biography.

But AiGrow makes it easy for you, and with this platform, you can easily bypass the limitations.

AiGrow has special features for you and is suitable for people who have a business on Instagram.

You can use AiGrow to create a landing page and put all your links into it.

With this method, you can easily lead Instagram traffic wherever you want.



In this article, we introduced you to AiGrow and its unique features.

This platform is the best alternative to Goldnitro, which helps you grow naturally on Instagram.

Increasing Instagram followers is not a one-day, one-night short story process.

Advertising on Instagram has different forms, and recognizing and using each of the methods of advertising on Instagram will give you a comprehensive view to determine your Instagram strategy.

Our team specializes in Instagram marketing, and many years of experience working with different businesses and testing different methods have taught us a lot.

Ask us your questions and share your experiences with us.



This post was last modified on February 25, 2021 5:44 pm