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Followiz Review: Is It a Good Tool For Real Instagram Growth?

Instagram has become one of the major markets to sell your products or services. It’s such a way that having no Instagram account is something unusual for a business. So, to leverage your Instagram account as a businessman, you will need Instagram marketers, or do it by yourself. Hiring an Instagram marketer may seem a surplus cost. Then, automation tools like Followiz might become intriguing and tempting to you. But, before doing that, it’s logical to check its advantages and disadvantages to make a better decision. Besides, knowing better alternatives may twist your frame of mind completely. Thus, let’s do it.

Name of Company User-friendly Services Lifetime Free Features Reselling position Scheduling & Side Features Safety (TrustPilot)
AiGrow ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Excellent
Followiz ✔️ Poor
BulkFollows ✔️ ✔️ Poor
JAP ✔️ ✔️ Poor

AiGrow has a lifetime free plan with useful features giving you real followers. To use it, click this button.

What Is Followiz? And How It Works?

The only thing that may urge you to consider Followiz is the ability to become a reseller on it. But, mainly, Followiz is a social media automation tool asserting to bring you more followers and engagement.

The website has many good reviews on its homepage or by a few other websites though it has a very bad result on Trustpilot. Most of them believe that Followiz is so bad leading them to call it even scam. So, you wouldn’t find a great number of good reviews on neutral websites or blogs.

However, lasting for 5 years being active on the market may get you to believe it’s somehow safe. Although the website uses the https protocol, you won’t get an ideal first page with much information about the site. After all, it’s hard to say that the safety matter of Followiz is clean, and hence, out of controversy.

How To Register for Followiz?

When you go to the Followiz website, you will face a login page or a button directing you to register. So, you don’t see any feature introduction or FAQ section. The only possible solution to this problem is an affiliation website. Still, you can’t find the FAQ section, but it’s better than a login page.

In order to create an account on Followiz, you need to send the following items to them.

  • An arbitrary username
  • Your Skype and email
  • Your first name and last name
  • Paying 5$ bitcoin to the address on the registering page, and sending your transaction details to them

When they get the above information, they will send a password to your email, and add 5$ to your balance.

It’s not an attractive welcome, but you should pass this if you want to register for it.

Followiz Features & Products

If you want to know more about what you can do with Followiz, it’s better to know where you can do them. They support their services on famous platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and SoundCloud.

They claim they’ll provide you with followers and engagement such as likes, views, comments, etc. Moreover, they have a reselling position too which means you can sell their products to your customers at low prices.

The good news is that you can have different tools to resell the products. For example, you can set up a mass order, or use an API to have continuous relationships with your clients.

Followiz Prices

When the time gets to buy their services, you won’t believe what you see. The prices of Followiz services are too low. So, you may get a little worried about whether it works or don’t. For instance, if you pay only 3$ you can gain 15,000 followers within 24 hours. If this number was for real followers, which is doubtful, you couldn’t rely on it to be real customers. However, you can see all the prices in the following picture.

AiGrow has a lifetime free plan with useful features giving you real followers. To use it, click this button.


What’s all this fuss about? If it’s about making money by provoking people to see you on Instagram, you should know the best tool for it; AiGrow. AiGrow is a manual Instagram growth tool helping you with finding fit followers to become your clients. The features and services are too many, but you need to know where to start in the first place.

Easy Set-Up

AiGrow has the most welcoming set-up among its competitors. Firstly, you can sign up for free without even adding any card info. Secondly, you can use many features of AiGrow for free. So, being free on AiGrow is not similar to many of its competitors giving you only the dashboard for free.

To use AiGrow’s services, you won’t need to install any app. It’s on the web, and you only need to be online and using any browser. After adding your Instagram account, the magic starts and you can see what you can do with AiGrow.


AiGrow has many features, but you can see them fit into three categories. They can be called growth, scheduling, and bonus features. If you have enough experience using different tools, you would know that scheduling content is not free in most cases. However, it’s 100% free on AiGrow even for a lifetime.

Another fantastic and safe features of AiGrow is its growth. It’s fantastic because it uses AI for targeting, and it’s safe because it’s natural and organic. Your followers are real because they follow you if they really like your content. A dedicated account manager will help your account marketing go faster in natural but smart ways. Also, they like, comment, and reply to your comments along with designing your content.

To see how AiGrow can grow your Instagram, see this video.

One of AiGrow’s bonus features is its all-in-one bio link feature. To see how you can add many URLs to your bio, see 4 Free Link bio Tools For Your Instagram Account.

If you want to see the brief of AiGrow features, it’s down below. But if you want to see its whole package, read Instagram growth agencies: Top choices around the world.

Features in brief:

  • 300 natural followers per month through organic growth
  • Dedicated account managers working for you 10 hours monthly
  • AI-powered hashtags, competitors, and locations
  • Manual growth engagement and activities
  • Hashtag and account monitoring
  • Running giveaway contests using a special template for such content
  • Social calendar helping you be aware of what’s coming
  • Adding your other social media platforms to your bio beside many URLs

Packages & Pricing

As mentioned above, scheduling features are free on AiGrow though the other features need payment. However, the prices are so affordable. Besides, there is a 7-day free plan for each package. To activate them, you need to add your card information costing you 0.75$-1$.

The full packages pricing vary if you want to buy them in different periods of time. For instance, the pro package can amazingly decrease to 50% monthly if you buy it for a year. To see all packages, see this.


If you are looking for a better alternative for Followiz, BulkFollows should fit you. The website is much better, and you can comfortably sign up for it. Like Followiz, BulkFollows has many automation services, but with better reviews.

They don’t have a FAQ section, but they have a blog, and a section to inform you how they work.


BulkFollows has services for many social media platforms besides Instagram. Some of them are Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, Spotify, and Telegram. Moreover, they have a great amount of web traffic services from different countries around the world.

Instagram services that BulkFollows provide you with are diverse in property and number. So, a compact list of its features is shown in the following.

  • Bot likes
  • Real likes
  • Bot and non-guaranteed followers
  • Real followers
  • Post impressions (views)
  • Comments


Each service has its own price, and you can see at least more than 1k services on the website. So, it’s actually impossible to mention all the prices here. However, you need to know about the prices of some important features. For example, to get 150 real and location-targeted followers, you have to pay 600$.

To see the full pricing, see this.


JustAnotherPanel or JAP is another Instagram automation tool you can use as an alternative for Followiz. Similarly, JAP offers you a reselling position to make more traffic for your Instagram. However, JAP is far better than Followiz in many different aspects.

If you check its website you can see a real homepage with instructions and an instrumental FAQ section. Its reviews are not very great, but still, they are better than Followiz’s. Besides, the sign-up process consists of regular info in addition to a Whatsapp No.


JAP has many automation features for many platforms apart from Instagram. Pubg, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Telegram, and Spotify are covered when you want to buy the services. Nevertheless, you can sum up its Instagram main features as below.

  • Blue-tick Instagram comments
  • Followers
  • Real followers
  • Likes
  • Real likes
  • mentions
  • IGTV views


You can purchase JAP services at various prices. There are many elements with different quality and quantity. So, it’s hard to speak about JAP services pricing. However, if you are interested in becoming a reseller on JAP, you have to pay at least 300$. Likewise, you should spend the same amount of money to gain 50k real followers. To see all prices, see this.

Wrap Up

Safety is something rare nowadays, but at the same time, very indispensable. No one can tell you what to buy, but we can share our insights with you. These insights don’t come from metaphysical worlds. They come from analyzing facts about each tool with all of its aspects. So, you won’t regret it if you choose to be wise about buying the best platforms for your marketing.

AiGrow has a lifetime free plan with useful features giving you real followers. To use it, click this button.

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