8 Examples of Great Instagram Marketing for Higher Education

Education marketing is a niche field that has grown in popularity over the last few years. The accessibility and portability of the internet have made it easier for educators to market their schools and universities. Many reasons are using visual platforms like Instagram to market your school can be beneficial. For example, it is a positive way to make prospective students understand what campus they would be entering. Visual media conveys a lot about the ethos and values that the institution follows, which is why it is essential to the marketing of any higher education school. What better way to do this than on Instagram? Here are eight examples of great Instagram marketing for higher education: 

1. Candid photography of students in school

One of the best ways to market your school on a platform like Instagram is to capture candid moments shared by people on campus and share them with a heartfelt caption. This communicates the experience students have in the school. It also feels a lot more genuine than advertisements with posed photographs. Natural settings around the campus can make for perfect backdrops for this type of post.

2. A display of the true diversity on campus

Instagram marketing is the new advertising. An effective way to communicate to the public how inclusive and forward-thinking your school is can be by promoting global values of unity and togetherness. True diversity includes providing equal opportunities and giving everyone the chance to succeed. You can market your school as an academy of the future by sharing photos, videos, and other content where viewers can see the diversity on campus. You can also talk about the inclusivity of your school in the captions of the post to assist with the same. 

3. Images of the beauty in and around campus

Natural landscapes and sceneries make for excellent marketing content like candid student photography. A great way to communicate the beauty and aesthetic appeal of your school or university are by capturing raw, untouched photographs or videos and sharing them with your audience. Take a camera and walk around campus. Find beauty in the mundane. In the day and age of Instagram and student influencers, aesthetically pleasing content has a lot of value. Find the best spots on campus and keep clicking!

4. Tell a story 

More than anything else, it is crucial to tell a story with your school’s Instagram profile. To show your school to the world, you need to find the best marketing strategies to reach college students. Talk about the founding of your school, how it came to be, what it is today, where it is heading towards in the future. People love a good story. Make sure each post is a part of a bigger, richer tapestry in the story of your school.

5. Photos posted with facts about the school

A great example of Instagram marketing for higher education is to address critical information about the school using an easy-to-use medium like Instagram. It is easier to read an Instagram text post or a caption than go through an 80-page prospectus. You can do some research ahead of time and gather all your facts before posting them on the school’s Instagram profile. People appreciate information-filled posts that educate and entertain them at the same time.

6.Interviews with students, alumni, and staff

A surefire way of spreading the word about your university or school is by organizing interviews with alumni and current students and posting them on the school’s Instagram page. You can create a list of questions to ask each person you talk to. At the end of the interviews, you can take a single answer from every one of them and compile it into an interview video. 

7. Capturing and sharing achievements

Winning prizes and getting acclaim might be great, but what’s even more significant is sharing them with the world. Whether it is sports, debate competitions, music contests, or anything else, it is essential to keep a record of all the school’s achievements and share it with audiences. You can give outsiders a peek into your world by posting it on Instagram.

8. Talk about the values the school believes in

The internet has allowed us to get whatever we want as quickly as possible. Students now can find companies that write college papers when they need them and get professional academic writing help. Similarly, one can find information about your school by doing a simple Google search. But won’t it be better if you share this yourself on Instagram? One great way to reflect the school’s ethos is by communicating the beliefs and values you follow. 

This was a quick overview of great Instagram marketing examples for education. Hope they helped you realize what route you should take to market your higher education school on social media. Take advantage of our tips and promote your educational institution on the Gram the right way. It’s easy – just give it a go!

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Zahra Zakipoor
Zahra Zakipoor
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