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Lights, camera, promotion: 5 tips to create an effective Instagram video

We just can’t get enough of videos. Be it somebody showing off those dance moves, cats being cats, or a new app tutorial. We always seem to have some time to stand and stare, and Instagram is here to exploit our attention. With various forms (feed video, IGTVs, stories, and live broadcasts), Instagram presents an invaluable tool to share some laughs and convey complex ideas. All of it without reaching into our deep pockets. (Well, almost).  

In your Instagram Content Calendar, an effective Instagram video can outperform texts and pictures, whatever your objective is. Catching your audience’s attention, raising brand awareness, or increasing engagement – a nice video can tick all the boxes. Yet, seizing the opportunity often seems intimidating and costly hence huge competition and a high bar set by big brands and professional teams of creators. But fear not! The good news, you already have everything at hand to make a great and effective Instagram video. The only thing missing is some inspiration and guidance on how to apply your resources best.   

We are here to help whether you are new to Instagram marketing or aspire to boost your existing efforts. In this article, we take a closer look at Glossier’s Instagram for some best practices and draw up a list of 5 tips you can take on board to follow in their footsteps.   

But first… Content

Instagram provides a whole array of cool tools to keep your content on the edge of creativity and top-notch quality. But before you jump into shooting and editing, you must have a clear vision of your brand identity. So first, take time to do some research with social media monitoring tools in two major directions:  

  • Your target audience: who they are and where their interests lie, what problems they face, and what solutions they lack.
  • Your brand itself: how you benchmark against your competitors, what makes you stand out, and how you can adapt to meet your audience’s needs.

Generating ideas and writing scripts can be daunting when done intuitively rather than consciously. Once you make sure your brand message is authentic, relatable, and valuable, you are in for the shot. And Glossier can be the best illustration to prove it works. They put natural look and self-care first, and this message does resonate with millions and helps create a cult-like following.  

how does Glossier fully leverages an effective video on Instagram

Let’s look at how Glossier fully leverages every aspect of video on Instagram to achieve this with their best practice.  

  • To show the product packaging (even so pleasing to the eye) is not enough. What Glossier does is share practical tips on how to get the most of their products. Not rarely they invite their team members to star, thus exposing people behind the brand.

Glossier on Instagram

And Instagram stories are not an exception. For instance, their all made up series with quick make-up tips or guidelines on skincare in 2020 facial.

Glossier on Instagram Stories (screenshots)

Creating videos like these might seem like a lot of work. But they are easy nowadays. All you require is a video camera an Instagram video maker like InVideo to edit the videos.


Do your research. Get to know your target audience and align your content with what they need. Emanating authenticity and value is an absolute must to maintain engagement. While involving your staff humanizes your brand image and helps build a strong relationship.  

Glossier excels at peer-to-peer connection by placing engagement over sales. They truly get the most of their existing audience by encouraging them to share ideas, reviews, and content to win new customers. This type of digital word-of-mouth strategy has contributed greatly to the brand’s image as transparent, authentic, and approachable. 
This is also a huge resource of user-generated content. Not only does it provide the Glossier marketing team with a stable flow of videos, but it also motivates their followers to tag Glossier in their posts or use branded hashtags to be featured.

As for research and development, this two-way interaction gives invaluable insights into the emerging needs. By seeding feedback through their content, Glossier keep an eye on pains and react proactively to fill the gap in the market. 

Outtake 2

Leverage user-generated content. Truly engage with your audience, call for your customers to share reviews, and be proactive with their feedback. By staying down-to-earth and showing your customers their voice counts you create a sense of co-creation, which is a key ingredient for brand loyalty. 

Glossier is a true pioneer of influencer marketing. It started off with the #TopShelf campaign where influencers shared guided tours of their shelves mentioning Glossier products along the way. The nonchalant nature and non-too-glamourous look of the endorsement inspired many women to stock up with Glossier stuff that caught their eye.

It later grew on to the #getreadywithme series, where women shared their morning routines. That served as the best illustration of integrating Glossier into your life and what effect to expect. Highly relatable, these videos provide real value to customers, unlike traditional polished and meticulously scripted ads.  

This is exactly what makes them an effective Instagram video.

Outtake 3

With the right social media analytics tools at hand, it won’t be too hard to identify opinion leaders appreciated by your customers. Not only will it expand your reach, but it might also level up your brand authority. And influencers already know what resonates with their following, thus saving you the effort. For starters, you might limit yourself to micro-influencers only to strike a perfect balance of mutual benefit.  Also, make sure you use catchy hashtags for your influencer campaigns to increase visibility and encourage participation. 

The key lesson from all of it is always keeping your audience in mind, whatever your niche. Surely, there’s no one-size-fits-all, but a good mix of light-hearted, valuable, and relatable content with a bit of promotion is always a nice move.  


here’s to making it

With best practice in mind and freshly baked content ideas at hand, you’re almost ready to get out there. However, original or engaging, to reach the screens and, more importantly, the eyes of your target audience, your content must fit the Instagram mold. And before you post anything, do cast a glance at our technical tips for making your videos work.  

Keep it short.

  • There’s a huge competition for our attention, and we are happy to get distracted. Try to stay under 1 minute for a post and 15 seconds for stories. Breaking your videos into pieces is alright as long as it stays concise and cohesive. IGTV does allow a whole hour, but it requires tons of work and added value to keep your audience watching. Always keep in mind the golden three: relatable, valuable, and snackable. 

Start strong

  • To claim even the tiny minute of your audience’s time, you must secure their interest from the very first seconds. Put your key idea upfront, start with an unexpected or intriguing scene, and entice your viewers to see what happens next. You won’t overdo it if you take cover photos seriously. The right choice captures the imagination and builds anticipation. 

Make it speak volumes

  • (even when on silent). The thing about Instagram, oftentimes people scroll their feed without turning on sound. Therefore, verbal messages might be easily lost. The first solution is to make your videos as eye-catching as possible to get people to tap on them. Another way around is to add captions, specifically in interviews or testimonials. If that’s not the case, just plain call people to watch with the sound on. We are used to checking Instagram on the go – so adapting content to any environment is a winning strategy.
  • Use special apps. They are of great assistance when it comes to editing, branding, and enhancing quality. With loads of user-friendly software on offer, you can advance your video-making skills even without any specific training. Moreover, some apps allow creating animation. With a bit of practice, you might develop unique content and make your brand stand out from the competition.
  • Dive into your Instagram metrics. However, more retrospective by nature, monitoring your content performance is paramount to honing your marketing strategy. By comparing how your posts perform against each other in terms of impressions, reach, completion rate, or reply count, you get a bigger picture of what makes your audience tick, including that holy grail of a perfect video length.

Wrapping Up


We do get that perfectionist anxiety and the fear of not making it. But the video-crafting effort does pay off with greater brand awareness, genuine engagement, and loads of fun throughout the filming process. And you really don’t have to be great to nail that Instagram video and make it effective. All you need is a bit of inspiration, brand monitoring tools, and your great idea, which is already out there. 

This post was last modified on March 12, 2021 12:54 pm