How to edit and delete comments on Instagram? 2022 Guide

How to edit and delete comments on Instagram 2021 Guide



There are several reasons why one may feel the need to edit or delete Instagram comment. Nothing stings quite like leaving a comment on other user’s posts with typos and words autocorrected wrongly replaced, asking irrelevant questions, and leaving offensive/inappropriate comments under posts. In this case, after having second thought about the comment you have left, you will definitely decide to delete it as soon as possible.

Luckily, Instagram blesses users with the ability to simply delete the Instagram comment you have left on other people’s posts and the ones which your followers have left on your posts.

Let’s see how you can delete Instagram comment using the app and the web browser easily as A, B, C.

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How to delete Instagram comment?#on your smartphone

As you may know it better, there is no way to edit Instagram comments. So, you are not allowed to edit your comment and all you can do is to delete your comment and rewrite it. If you are unhappy with your comment, Let’s see how you can delete it below.

1- If you want to delete Instagram comment you have left under someone’s posts, go to that person’s profile.

2- Search for the post on which you have left a comment and tap the speech bubble icon.

3- Once you tap the speech bubble icon, you can see all the comments. Scroll through the comments and find yours.

4- You can delete your comment by tapping on it (on Android) and swiping left (on iPhone).

5- Tap the trash icon in the upper-right corner.

delete Instagram comment-on your device

Tip: Searching for your comment through a lot of comments is a little difficult and time-consuming. There is a shortcut; if someone has already liked or replied to your comment, then you can find it easily as follow: 

  • Tap the heart icon on the bottom of your Instagram app.
  • In the opened window, you are able to see all likes, mentions, and replies to your comments.
  • From here, you access your posts (in case someone has already replied to them or liked them).

delete Instagram comment

Tip: You can also delete other people’s comments under your posts the same way (the way we mentioned above).

So, bear in mind that Instagram allows you to only delete your own comments or comments on your posts. Comments on other user’s posts are out of your reach.

How to delete Instagram comments?#on your desktop

You can also delete Instagram comment on Instagram website. Follow the steps below to find out how you can easily delete comment on Instagram website as well.

1- Open your browser and go to

2- You can go to your profile by tapping your avatar in the top right-hand corner.

3- From your profile, you have the possibility to search for another person’s profile using the search box. The other way is going to the Following or Followers tabs under your profile name.

delete Instagram comment-Instagram website

4- After going to the intended person’s profile, look for the post you have commented on.

5- When you find your comment, click on the three dot menu on the right corner of your comment.

6- Click Delete.

Tip: When you want to delete a comment on your desktop, you have the opportunity to copy-paste it and edit it and then comment it again. In this case, you don’t need to write your comment all over again. Unlikely, this option is not available on the Instagram mobile app.

7- Write your new comment in the comment box and click Post.

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This would be even harder if you manage a large account, for instance if you are an influencer, blogger, business holder, etc.

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AiGrow’s growth service

One of the greatest features of AiGrow is its VIP growth service. What makes AiGrow distinctive from other growth tools is that there is no bot on AiGrow. As soon as you connect your Instagram account to the dashboard, a dedicated account manager will be assigned to work on your account on your behalf to guarantee your account’s organic growth.

Let’s watch the video below to get more detailed information about the VIP growth service.

The good news is that this service is now available on mobile. This app helps you increase your targeted followers organically and boost your account’s engagement.

AiGrow-mobile app

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Some people may find the process of managing their Instagram account tedious and time-consuming. That’s why in this article, we introduced you to a top Instagram management app, AiGrow. Also, you can figure out how you are able to delete your comments on Instagram using the full guide offered in this article.

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