Top 10 CRO Tools to Boost Conversions for Free in 2023

Top CRO Tools To Boost Conversions for free

Are you wondering about the best CRO tools on the market? Well, if you’ve ever wanted to see a spike in your conversion rate, you’ve probably looked for some services that can help you in your cause!

Many business owners strive to improve SEO and increase traffic and clicks for their websites. But the important point is that page views and clicks are only some of the important things in marketing. In fact, you need to be able to turn these inputs into conversions to achieve your objectives on each webpage.  

To reach this goal, you need to choose the best apps that can help you in this regard. However, without using CRO tools packed with features like heatmaps and session replays, you won’t know whether you’re taking the right path.

In this article, we will provide the top 10 conversation rate optimization tools that enable you to boost your conversions.

Nevertheless, if you can’t wait to start with the best CRO tool out there, we recommend you WatchThemLive to save time. This free CRO tool can positively affect your website conversion rate with its impressive features, including web analytics, session replays, and heatmaps.

But for now, let’s talk about other conversion rate optimization tools, shall we?!

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization

It refers to the strategic process by which more of your website visitors convert into actual leads and customers, and complete your preset goals while visiting your site. For example, your desired goal can be reacting to a CTA, and by clicking on it, your website visitor has converted!

So, by designing and modifying certain elements of your website, you can increase the chance of converting visitors into customers before they leave your website. But how do we know which part of our website needs to modify? 

Well, there are several CRO tools that help you watch your visitors’ interactions on your site and figure out what causes them to drop off.

Now, let’s delve deeper into how these tools function:

What Are CRO Tools

Well, the conversion rate optimization tools can collect data about your website analytics, your visitors’ journey, the errors on their path, and whatever you need to improve the chance of visitors converting to your preset goals. By using CRO software, you can figure out how visitors interact with your website and identify and test potential changes to improve your conversions.

To sum it up, CRO tools will help you:

  • Gather data-driven web analytics, 
  • Find out the reasons why your visitors aren’t converting into customers and completing your desired actions,
  • Identify best modifications and potential changes to increase your conversion rates,
  • And finally, test all changes you make on your website to boost conversion.

Now, let’s get into different types of conversion rate optimization tools!

Different Types of the Best Conversion Optimization Tools

Generally speaking, CRO tools fall into 4 categories:

1. Web Analytics CRO Tools 

These CRO web analytics tools optimize your conversion rate by collecting data-driven information. Using this type of CRO tool enables you to understand what’s exactly happening on your website. 

Website conversion tools give you quantitative data about your website and visitors. Using these tools, you can gain detailed numerical information about the following metrics:

  • Sessions,
  • Session duration,
  • Bounce rate,
  • Website traffic,
  • The number of visitors and pageviews,
  • And common exit web pages.

2. All-in-One Personalization CRO Tools

This type of conversation rate optimization tool gives you deep insights into personalized experiences from social proof to product recommendations. A good personalization CRO tool enables you to optimize your onsite expertise in several ways for different visitor segments.

In other words, these tools will help you gather data on your visitors, segment them (based on demographic, geographic, and psychographic segmentation), and target them.

3. Behavioral Analytics CRO Tools

Are you curious to know the ‘why’ behind your visitors’ actions?! If you are, behavioral analytics tools help you in this regard. This type of CRO tool enables you to understand your visitors’ needs. So, by identifying what they want, you can fulfill their expectation.

4. CRO Testing Tools 

Testing and measuring all changes you make on your website is an important part of the conversion rate optimization process. That is, testing conversion rate optimization tools show you which webpage is converting better than the others and also determines which web pages need to be changed and redesigned.

Well, we provided a list of the best CRO tools of all types to help you make more informed decisions.

Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

Several tools on the market claim to help you increase your conversions, but here we are recommending the most trusted and reliable tools that come with several impressive features. Now let’s get started!

1. WatchThemLive: The Best Conversion rate Optimization Software

WatchThemLive is an all-in-one free CRO tool that will help you gain analysis of your website to get more conversions, and eventually grow revenue.

Using this behavioral analytics CRO tool, you can gain detailed information about your visitors and UX on your site. As the best and most incredible service, WatchThemLive directs you to your desired goals.

‘But how!?’ You may ask. In the following, we’ll explain its valuable and useful features in detail.

But if you’re ready to start with the best, don’t waste time, and sign up on WatchThemLive right now!

WatchThemLive Website Analytics Dashboard

Wanna see your visitors’ journey on your site? WatchThemLive’s analytics provides all the information you need about your visitors. It aims to answer questions like:

  • Who are your visitors?
  • What devices, browsers, operating systems, and languages are they using?
  • What is their screen resolution? 
  • And where do they come from?
WatchThemLive Analytics Dashboard
WatchThemLive Analytics Dashboard

Want to export your necessary data in CSV and PDF?! Don’t worry. WatchThemLive allows you to export your data as well.

Why are you waiting?! Sign up on WatchThemLive and try its amazing features!

WatchThemLive Session Replays

Wouldn’t it be great to see what your users did on your site?! Well, this free CRO app can measure and track all users’ behaviors on your website. Its session replay tool provides playback of all your visitors’ sessions.

WatchThemLive session replays
WatchThemLive session replays

What is it good for?! Behavioral analytics tools like session replays (session recordings) enable you to identify pain points of your visitors, such as your website bugs. Then, by knowing your website glitches or barriers, you will have a chance to fix them and create seamless CX.

But what sets WatchThemLive apart from similar tools? The good news is that WatchThemLive shows console errors, and you will be notified whenever an error is detected. Moreover, you can share all recorded sessions with your team members and developers to fix the problems!

Pretty straightforward, right?! You can click here and sign up on WatchThemLive to figure out why your visitors decided to leave your website!

WatchThemLive Heatmaps

This service offers a heat mapping tool that helps you collect and evaluate visual data on your web pages. WatchThemLive’s heatmaps demonstrate how your visitors behave on your website. This type of data visualization will make more sense compared to numbers or any other written text. In addition, it will show you the areas on your web pages that got the most (or even the least) attention from your visitors.

WatchThemLive Heatmaps
WatchThemLive Heatmaps

Why is it so important?! Well, this feature will help in CTAs and running campaigns. By knowing the most attractive spots from your visitors’ points of view, you will be able to improve your website’s UX, UI, and consequently, your conversion rate.

Sign up now to get instant access!

WatchThemLive Features

Here is a summary of WatchThemLive’s other services:

  • Goal tracking: Using this feature, you can set up custom events and track visitors’ conversion paths. Its data is also exportable to PDF and CSV.
  • Live chat: It enables you to get access to your visitor’s session after s/he leaves a message on the chatbox.
  • Video testimonials: This new feature will allow your satisfied customers to record a video seamlessly. It provides questions, and all they need to do is answer them! Then, you’ll have invaluable social proof to improve your sales!
  • Funnel analysis: With this feature, you can trace your visitors’ journey in the funnel, optimize it, and gain a report of each stage on the funnel.

Now, if you’d like a preview of how WatchThemLive can optimize your web conversion, sign up instantly!

2. Google Analytics (GA): One of the Free CRO Tools

Google Analytics is a popular CRO web analytics tool for tracking visitors’ information and traffic data on your website. This free CRO tool enables you to figure out how long it takes visitors to abandon your webpage and what your traffic sources are. 

Google Analytics (GA): One of the Free CRO Tools
Google Analytics (GA): One of the Free CRO Tools

What is it good for? Well, GA will help you see your traffic sources and traffic patterns in real-time. But, in general, this service can only provide quantitative data (numerical) for you. So, you cannot figure out the reasons why your visitors bounce your website. 

Now what? You need to use WatchThemLive as the best GA alternative on the market that offers qualitative data through its session replays and heatmaps. In addition, although GA is a free CRO tool, you should pay for its Enterprise level named ‘Google Analytics 360’.

Google Analytics Pros

  • It is easy to use, 
  • Plus, it offers a robust knowledge base and community.

Google Analytics Cons

  • First of all, learning where all of the features are located is very confusing,
  • GA doesn’t also provide heatmaps and session recordings, 
  • It is impossible to find the reasons for each event in GA,
  • It offers traffic analysis, including internal users,
  • And finally, its traffic data includes bot activities.

3. FullStory: A Behavioral Analytics CRO tool

This is an analytics tool to understand user behaviors on your website. This conversion rate optimization tool offers features like heatmap tools, session recordings software, and bug tracking. These key features are supposed to enable you to identify your website’s barriers and low performance.

FullStory: A Behavioral Analytics CRO tool
FullStory homepage

FullStory Pros

  • It is easy to integrate because of its good documentation,
  • And it has decent customer support.

FullStory Cons

  • There is a learning curve (for non-technical users),
  • You will never get through all the videos that are recorded from sessions,
  • Plus, it is pricey.

4. Crazy Egg: A Behavioral Analytics CRO tool

Are you looking for a website recording tool? Crazy Egg is one of the conversion rate optimization tools that claim to analyze your site data. Like any other CRO tool, CrazyEgg is equipped with session recordings and heatmaps to boost your web conversions.

Crazy Egg: A Behavioral Analytics CRO tool
Crazy Egg homepage

Although this tool provides fundamental features like heatmaps, recordings, and A/B testing, It lacks surveys (either onsite or email) service and feedback widgets. Moreover, unfortunately, it does not offer a free forever plan to users.

Crazy Egg Pros

  • It has a responsive customer support team,
  •  And it’s easy to work with. 

Crazy Egg Cons

  • Its A/B testing feature is not perfect (It cannot offer the analytics that you expect),
  • It does not have funnel analysis,
  • It doesn’t have a free version, so you cannot test its features before paying.

5. Google Optimize: Free CRO Testing Tool

Looking for a free testing tool to optimize your conversion? Well, this testing software can integrate with Google Analytics and Google AdWords.  Google Optimize comes with 3 main features, including A/B testing, split testing, and multivariate testing (MVT). Using this conversion rate optimization software enables you to measure the performance of your webpage. 

This Testing platform promises to bring the best results in testing multiple versions of a single webpage. It claims to help all businesses with website personalization for each visitor.

Google Optimize: Free CRO Testing Tool
Google Optimize: Free CRO Testing Tool

Google Optimize Pros

  • It’s a free CRO tool,
  • Plus, it’s good for all-sized teams in CRO testing.

Google Optimize Cons

  • There are many limitations to it, compared to other CRO tools (like limitations of goals),
  • It is not easy to use for beginners.

6. VWO: CRO Tool for Testing Changes on Your Webpages

VWO testing platform, equipped with A/B testing and a visual editor tool, is one of the conversion rate optimization tools you can use for your website. Using its real-time A/B testing, you can watch how your visitors will behave when they face the potential changes you made. It promises to show which changes on your website are more likely to lead to increased conversions.

VWO: CRO Tool for Testing Changes
VWO homepage

According to its claims, this web testing platform is a good solution to optimize CX and boost your CR through a variety of tests. Here are the pros and cons of this CRO tool. Let’s take a look at them:

VWO Pros

  • It is an adaptable platform for services and pricing (the pricing depends on your needs and budget),
  • And it is designed for both technical and non-technical users.

VWO Cons

  • There are some issues or even bugs with its visual editor’s functionality,
  • The clients’ access to multiple environments is confusing,
  • Its hypothesis section needs to improve to integrate better into the testing area,
  • And there are some bugs (for example, its drag and drop doesn’t work well, and items won’t get selected when you click on them.

7. Heap: CRO Web Analytics Tool for Checking Traffic

This is one of the website conversion tools that will give you data about your visitors’ interactions. Heap can analyze common traffic metrics, including sessions and page views. In addition, it will offer form analytics like form submission, field changes, and clicks.

According to their claims, this tool can understand how your visitors interact on your website and app and it will help you boost your conversions.

Heap: CRO Web Analytics Tool
Heap homepage

Heap Pros

  • Its data quiz helps you understand some of the data trends better,
  • And the place where you can open a recorded session is good.

Heap Cons

  • There are some bugs with getting Heap to work in shadow dom and interacting with iframes,
  • It is difficult to set up, 
  • Some of its parameters like’ filter results’, ‘compare users’, and ‘data range’ are so confusing,
  • There are some limitations on the number of customizations in its dashboards.

8. Instapage: A/B Testing And Personalization CRO Tool

This conversion optimization tool focuses on personalization and behavioral targeting. According to their claims, it can help you improve your advertising conversion and Return on Ad Spend. 

Moreover, it claims to serve dynamic content based on your visitor’s personal information, and test changes you made on your web pages to give a tailored UX to different visitors.

Instapage: A/B Testing  CRO Tool
Instapage homepage

Instapage Pros

  • It’s a good platform for designing landing pages,
  • It offers simple drag-and-drop,
  • Moreover, it can easily integrate with CRM and email marketing tools.

Instapage Cons

  • Its conversion tracking feature is not powerful enough,
  • The ‘links on the page’ are inaccurate or at least confusing,
  • There is a steep learning curve (especially in its reporting usage).

9. Smartlook: Conversion Rate Optimization Software

Smartlook is one of the conversion optimization tools that claim to increase traffic rate, and, eventually, your web conversions. It offers key features like event tracking, session replays, heatmaps, and funnels.

According to its official website, this CRO tool gives you insights and decent information to answer questions about your visitors’ behavior. Now, let’s get started with Smartlook’s pros and cons.

Smartlook: Conversion Rate Optimization Software
Smartlook homepage

Smartlook Pros

  • It is easy to use,
  • And it offers a free version.

Smartlook Cons

  • It is difficult to cancel your subscription,
  • There’s no possibility of integrating with GA,
  • It does not offer an A/B testing option,
  • There are so many limitations with its plans (free and even paid).

10. Qualaroo: Single Feature CRO Tool

It is a user feedback tool that promises to gather data and deep information about your customers’ motivations. In other words, Qualaroo provides popups to collect feedback from your website visitors.

Yet based on its claims, it is useful in different stages of funnels because it enables you to figure out what barriers your visitors experienced with its Surveys (Nudges) feature.

Qualaroo: Single Feature CRO Tool
Qualaroo homepage

Qualaroo Pros

  • It is a user-friendly platform,
  • Plus, it launches fast, and you can set it up within just a few minutes.

Qualaroo Cons

  • It doesn’t offer various options to export your data,
  • Its pricing is a bit expensive with limited plans.

What Is the Best Conversion Optimization Software

So far, we’ve enlisted paid and free CRO tools. Now, it’s time to choose between these tools. 

WatchThemLive is more than an analytics tool that just analyzes your website performance or traffic rate. It is an all-in-one conversion optimization tool that easily tracks your visitors’ interactions, records and replays their session, shows console errors, provides click heatmaps, and more. What else do you want?!

According to WatchThemLive’s review, it promises to do its best to present accurate and valuable information to help you reach more conversion, lead generation, and revenue for all-sized businesses. The good news is that it also offers a live chat feature that presents your customers’ feedback on your website with their recorded sessions. Awesome, right?!

This conversion rate optimization software comes with adaptable and affordable pricing plans. It offers a free version with essential CRO features that pave your path in conversion optimization.

So what are you waiting for?! Sign up on WatchThemLive, to guarantee your website conversion rate optimization!

FAQs on Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

We have fully explained CRO tools and introduced the number one tool in this regard. Now, it’s time to go through some of the most frequently asked questions.

1. What To Look For in a CRO Tool?

The best conversion rate optimization software usually comes with the following features:

  • It must have the capability to show you data-driven analytics from your website,
  • A CRO tool should have session replays and heatmaps to allow access to your customer’s behavioral analytics,
  • You should be able to target your audience segments,
  • It should enable you to gather customer feedback,
  • Your CRO software should offer A/B testing features.

WatchThemLive meets all the requirements above! It’s our recommended CRO tool that brings you closer to your goals. Using its features enables you to uncover all your website’s strengths and weaknesses, and eventually boost conversions and ROI. 

Sign up now and try all its features for free!

2. What Are the Benefits of Using CRO Tools?

The conversion rate optimization tools allow you to:

  •  Know your customer better,
  •  Identify their needs and expectations, 
  • Make it easy to reach more people on your website, 
  • Gain insights into making better UX, 
  • Pave the way to increase the number of your conversions, 
  • And eventually, increase your revenue.

3. Is MobileMonkey A Conversion Optimization Tool?

Yes, it is a CRO tool for live chat. This live chat tool claims to let you engage with your customers to optimize your leads, grow revenue, and offer real-time support.


Overall, using a conversion optimization tool is so essential for your business to figure out the obstacles that prevent visitors from converting to customers. By knowing your website barriers and solutions to fix them, you will enhance your customer experience and optimize conversions. 

Therefore, using the right CRO tool helps you to achieve your goals and correct the mistakes on your website. 
So, if you’ve decided you want an all-in-one behavioral analytics tool to lift your conversion rates, Sign up now on WatchThemLive and take full advantage of its free plan!

Author: Najmieh Sarmadi

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