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CoinCrack Is Down: Four CoinCrack Alternatives That Won’t Shut Down Anytime Soon

CoinCrack is down. This botting program made it possible for social media users like Instagram to buy followers and/or likes. CoinCrack used to claim that its Instagram accounts were genuine. However, with a little research, you could see that most of the accounts were bots. 

Because most of the followers were fake, they didn’t add much activity to your page. Regardless of whether you want real or fake followers, CoinCrack is down and you need to look for other options. Let us look at four CoinCrack alternatives that will grow your account with real users.

How can you attract real followers?

 Ever since Instagram doubled down on shutting down bot activity in 2018, fake followers/likes have lost their appeal. This is especially true in 2020 since your account can get banned for using fake likes/followers.

So what’s the solution? You should be looking for Organic Growth instead. Organic growth happens when real people/real users start following you and actively engage with your content. Read more to learn about four CoinCrack alternatives that focus on an organic growth to make your Instagram page prosperous.

1. AiGrow: The #1 CoinCrack Alternative

The first on our list is AiGrow. AiGrow provides you with a service that is smart, fast, and hassle free. This growth tool uses an algorithm that filters Instagram users based on hashtags, location, and popularity. Your account’s organic growth will start after about 2-3 days. Keep in mind though, that unlike CoinCrack, AiGrow won’t grow your page with fake followers. In other words, these are REAL followers you’ll gain.

Additionally, AiGrow has other great tools that will help you grow your Instagram account. By signing up, you will get free access to several features. Some of them include:

  • Scheduling posts for later
  • Hashtag suggestion for your posts
  • Visual Content Calendar with post ideas and hashtag suggestions for every day of a year
  • Reposting content from Instagram to your account

Click here to sign up your free AiGrow account now.

If you want to invest in a premium AiGrow account, you will gain access to a plethora of other features. One of those features is All-in-one bio URL, which is a great solution for posting multiple links to your bio and driving traffic to your website. 

Another powerful feature you will unlock by signing up a VIP account is Post & Reward. This is where you manage a contest where users share your posts and gain rewards. This method is a great way to attract more followers and add to your page’s organic growth. Learn how you can grow your business with this feature.

Start a free trial of all AiGrow features by signing up now.

2. HashtagsforLikes: A CoinCrack Alternative Based on Hashtags

Hashtagsforlikes is a popular Instagram growth tool that does a great job in growing real followers. As the name suggests, the service works primarily based on hashtags. First, HashtagsForLikes identifies several trending hashtags on Instagram. Then, they offer you hashtags that will guarantee a greater exposure to the audience. It works really well for reaching more people. This way, you will successfully grab the attention of more Instagram users. As a result, more people will start to follow your page and become a fan. For signing up on HashtagsforLikes, click here  and then click on Get Started.


3. Jarvee: A Comprehensive CoinCrack Alternative

Jarvee is a tool that manages different types of social media. Not only can you use it for your Instagram page, but you can also choose to use it for Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google+, etc. Jarvee is an excellent choice if you’re new to managing your Instagram account. It’s very easy to use, and it provides you with many useful services. As far as organic growth goes, Jarvee has several features such as auto-repost, auto-follow, follow back, un-follow, auto-like, and auto-comment, among others. If you decide to check out their website, click here.

4. Instamber: The Bot to Grow Your Audience

This Instagram growth tool utilizes an Instagram bot to help you attract new followers to your page. These features works on a powerful targeting algorithm that lets you filter your audience based on your preferences. Additionally, Instamber bot automates follows, likes, comments, and views. If you don’t want to use the all-in-one bot feature of Insatmber, you can choose to use specific services such as DMs, Post manager, and Search tool. Moreover, Instamber allows you to buy Instagram likes and views. Keep in mind, though, that only a few of Instamber’s methods provide you with real follower/likes/views.

So, Which CoinCrack Alternative Is Right For You?

As you can see, in this day and age buying fake followers is simply not worth it anymore. The best option on the list for organic growth is AiGrow, which also gives you access to several handy features like scheduling, reposting, all-in-one bio URL, and automated contests/giveaways. If you’re only looking to buy likes and follows, perhaps Instamber is what you’re looking for. Jarvee and Hashtagsforlikes are also decent CoinCrack alternatives, but their services are limited compared to AiGrow.

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This post was last modified on September 16, 2021 11:18 pm