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Boostfy vs. AiGrow – which one is better for more Instagram followers?

Keeping with our series comparing Instagram automation tools from around the web, today we’re looking at Boostfy.
It’s worth mentioning that the reason behind these comparisons is to find the top choices around the world.

According to their website,

Boostfy is the best way to gain real followers and likes on Instagram. We automate your liking activities and make other Instagram users notice your account through notifications.

Boostfy has exploded in popularity recently, now claiming to support “50,000+ creative people in their Instagram success”. We wanted to see what all the hypes was about, so we put Boostfy to the test again our own Instagram growth engine, AiGrow.

Our comparison consisted of four categories:

  • Setup
  • Connecting Instagram account
  • Features
  • Maintenance

Boostfy vs AiGrow – a comparison of the two Instagram growth services.



Unlike a lot of other services we’ve reviewed in the past, the official Boostfy website is super easy to find. Simply search “Boostfy” in Google and click the first result.

Or just go to www.boostfy.co.

On the home page, click “Start My Free Trial” to get started.

Simply enter your email to continue.

Confirm your email and enter your Instagram username and password. After clicking “Create my account”, you will be asked to verify your account of your phone.

After verifying on my phone and clicking “I did it”, you are officially signed up.

(it took clicking “I did it” six or seven times before I was actually signed up)


Get started with AiGrow in three simple steps:

1) Go to www.AiGrow.me, or search “AiGrow” in Google and choose the first result

2) When on the homepage, click “Free Trial” in the upper right corner.


3) Provide your name, email, desired password, and click “Register Now”.


Congrats! You’ve just set up AiGrow.

Connecting Instagram Account


As described above, connecting your Instagram account is part of Boostfy’s sign up process. It’s as simple as providing your Instagram login information.

At the moment, you can only grow one Instagram account per Boostfy account.

For those worried about giving out there password, according to Boostfy:

“We don’t store, give away, or otherwise distribute your password in any other way or share it with any 3rd party.”


After logging into your AiGrow account, you will be brought to your dashboard which looks like this:


Here you can see all of your connected Instagram accounts (you can add and grow multiple Instagram accounts at the same time). To add a new account, click “Add Instagram Account”.


From here, simply log in to your Instagram account as you normally would on your phone.

Similar to Boostfy’s verification process above, AiGrow will ask you to provide a 6-digit verification code sent to your phone or email by Instagram.


AiGrow encrypts your password and will not use it for anything not related to growing your followers.



Boostfy produces results in the following way:

  1. Boostfy will like posts of other users based on your targeting.
  2. When you Like someone’s post, they will see the notification and check out your account.
  3. These people will then return the favour and interact with your account (if they like your content), ideally Liking your posts and following your channel.

With Boostfy, you can target Instagram users based on:

  • the hashtags they use
  • the accounts they follow
  • where they’re located

You can also blacklist hashtags and accounts to avoid liking certain posts or following certain channels.

A particularly cool features offered by Boostfy is the ability to choose how you want to prioritize your growth (interact with channels using specific hashtags first, interact with channels in specific locations first, etc.).


AiGrow operates in a similar manner to Boostfy. It uses your account to automatically like, follow, unfollow, and comment on real channels with the intention of driving relevant and organic traffic back to your own channel (and ultimately converting that traffic to followers).

With AiGrow, you can target Instagram users based on:

  • hashtags they use
  • competitors they follow
  • where they’re located
  • custom lists of usernames
  • whether or not they’re public or private
  • whether or not you have already followed (and then unfollowed) in the past

In addition the above features, you can also select a category that you think best fits your channel. We’ll use this information to further refine your growth.

You also don’t have to worry about engaging with irrelevant or risky channels as you have complete control over the types of users you interact with, and at no point will AiGrow perform any action from your Instagram account without your permission.

AiGrow also automatically unfollows any person you follow but who doesn’t follow you back within a certain amount of time.

To gain a better sense of the number of targeting options available for each of these features, have a peek at the short video below:

Targeting options and features available to AiGrow users:

  • Automated Likes, comments, follows, unfollows, and DMs
  • Ability to target users based on hashtag use, location, and competitor connection
  • Ability to target specific users from an excel list
  • Ability to send DMs, respond to DMs, and manage your DM inbox all from your desktop
  • Content scheduler to schedule your posts for days, weeks, and/or months ahead (all from your desktop)
  • Daily safeguards for all actions (Likes, comments, follows, DMs, etc.) to help prevent your account from being flagged
  • Customizable comments
  • Customizable DMs
  • Alternating tags for comments and DMs (Hey/Hello/Hi/What’s up… etc.)
  • Daily safeguards to help prevent your account from being flagged
  • Free one-on-one appointments to help get your account properly set up
  • In-app analytics
  • Automatic email notifications in the rare case you encounter an issue with our service (and a proposed solution to the issue)

Maintenance and support


Boostify makes it very easy for its users to get in touch with questions or problems via a chat widget.


After setting up your targeting options, simply hit “Start Growth”. AiGrow will start to run and continue until you tell it to stop, never overstepping the limits imposed by Instagram.

If for whatever reason something forces your growth to stop, we will automatically let you know through email and provide possible solutions, as shown in the example below:


If you experience an issue, you can also likely find an answer in our 25+ FAQ page. We also offer free one-on-one appointments to help get your account set up, and we’re always available by email.



Boostfy offers a three-day free trial. After that, they offer two subscription packages:


AiGrow offers a five-day free trial offering absolutely full functionality.

Below is AiGrow’s starter price package for consideration after those five days:


For the price of a week’s worth of Starbucks, you get the opportunity for exponential Instagram growth (the use of automated DMs, a content scheduler (post photos from your desktop for days, weeks, or months ahead), 24/hour support, and the opportunity for unlimited growth on multiple accounts.)

Boostfy offers a simple and easy-to-use solution to organically gaining a large Instagram following, but for those looking for more customization and features outside of just Liking posts, including following, unfollowing, commenting, DMing, and scheduling posts, AiGrow is the answer.

For those interested in trying out Boostfy, visit their website.

For those interested in AiGrow, click here to sign up for free.

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