20 Top Instagram unfollowers app to mass unfollow in 2022

Most of the time, people look for information on how to grow their Instagram profiles. That’s why you probably don’t come across many articles about how to unfollow the profiles you follow.

There is no need to worry about the process because there are Instagram unfollowers apps out there that can help you get rid of many IG followers you have accumulated through the follow-for-follow method. 

As you may know, your follower-to-following ratio is one of the elements that can make the first impression. When you have half the number of followers as people you’re following, it can immediately form a negative impression about the quality of your profile.

Simply put, the less your IG following count is, the more likely your IG account is to be considered a high-quality one.

The point is that unfollowing all those accounts is not as easy as you may assume. There are several questions you need to find appropriate answers to, such as:

“Who doesn’t follow me back?”

“Who unfollowed me on Instagram?”

“How to mass unfollow Instagram?”

And finally, “What’s the best Instagram unfollowers app?”

Let’s delve deeper into how you can mass unfollow Instagram.

How do you check unfollowers on Instagram?

Although Instagram offers so many features, unfortunately, it lacks a feature where users are able to track who unfollowed their Instagram accounts. You can either check who unfollowed you on Instagram manually or automatically. 

Manually going through the finding who unfollowed you on Instagram process is a time-consuming task. You need to go to your Followers tab on your profile and search for a name in the search bar to check if they are following you or not.

Another way to figure out who unfollowed me on Instagram is to go to that person’s Following tab on their profile and search for your own name to see if they are following you.

Alternatively, you can opt for an automatic unfollow Instagram app to easily find out who doesn’t follow me back on Instagram without spending tons of time searching. We will introduce you to 20 top Instagram unfollowers apps to accelerate your Instagram unfollow process.

What happens if you unfollow everyone on Instagram?

Mass unfollow Instagram

It’s crucial to know Instagram mass unfollow limit; otherwise, you could get your account restricted once you violate Instagram’s daily limits. 

Instagram detects how many accounts you follow and unfollow every day since it’s against using bots. So, bear in mind that if you act like a bot and reach the mass unfollow Instagram limit(200 Instagram unfollow limit as the maximum), you will definitely have your account banned, shadowbanned, or action blocked.

How to unfollow Instagram users in a safe way?

If you wonder how to do Instagram unfollow safely and successfully, the answer is trying to seem like a human who doesn’t use automation.

Remember that you should not use an unreliable automatic unfollow Instagram app. There are so many Instagram unfollowers apps out there to do it on your behalf, but the question is: “Do they work?”

I suggest you use a trustworthy company like AiGrow in order to unfollow Instagram in bulk safely.

20 Top Instagram unfollowers app to mass unfollow 

There are Instagram unfollow trackers out there to help you with mass unfollow Instagram safely and quickly. We put together a list of 20 of them right below. Let’s dive in!

1#AiGrow- a top quality Instagram unfollowers app

AiGrow-Top Instagram marketing app

A highly effective unfollow app for Instagram is AiGrow, an all-in-one marketing service providing you with so many features for your marketing needs. It centres around Instagram management and Instagram growth.

It can be one of the best Instagram unfollow apps to unfollow users safely because the unfollowing process is done manually by an Instagram manager.

You can choose the activities (likes, follows, unfollows) that you’d like your personal manager to perform on your behalf and leave the rest to them.

Not only do we provide our clients with a personalized account manager, but we have email support, safety and security, and priority support if you need it.

AiGrow’s growth engine

Using this robust unfollow app for Instagram, you’ll benefit from some more features in addition to the Instagram unfollow service. Here are the features:

  • Instagram content creation
  • Scheduling IG Stories, feed posts, IGTV videos
  • Hashtag monitoring
  • Content calendar
  • Mass delete Instagram posts
  • VIP growth service
  • Bulk direct messaging
  • Free link-in-bio
  • Giveaway picker

Note: AiGrow is available on all operating systems.

Start Mass Unfollow now!

2#Mass Unfollow App for Instagram

Instagram unfollowers app-Mass Unfollow App for Instagram

Another IG unfollow app you can use to get rid of the tiresome process of manually following/unfollowing accounts is Mass Unfollow App for Instagram.

This Instagram unfollow tracker helps you keep track of ghost followers. It also allows the users to block and unblock accounts, delete and unlike posts, all in bulk to reduce the overall manual job.

It can be considered a kind of Instagram unfollowers app free. Actually, it is free until you start using the unfollow option unlimited in a single day. 

Note: It is only available in English and is for iOS users.

3#Unfollowers for Instagram App

 IG unfollow app-Unfollowers for Instagram App

If you have been wondering “who unfollowed me on Instagram?” or “who doesn’t follow me back?”, then this Instagram unfollow app is a great choice. 

With this unfollowers Instagram app, you don’t need to spend tons of time going through your following and searching to see who hasn’t followed you back. The app will provide you with the right insights, meaning that they give you this kind of information through the app itself. Besides, they can help you track new followers.

Note: It is only available on iOS.

4#Follow Cop

IG unfollow app-Follow Cop

Follow Cop is known as an Instagram unfollowers app free that is not only used to track your unfollowers Instagram users, but also help you organize your profile in general. 

It provides clients with the opportunity for global shoutouts to help get more visibility for your Instagram profile.

Note: It is only available on Android.

5#Unfollow for Instagram App- Non-followers and Fans

 Instagram unfollowers app-Unfollow for Instagram App- Non-followers and Fans

This Instagram unfollowers app on our list is one of the best unfollow apps if you want to keep track of your followers and what they’re up to. This implies that you’ll get a notification if someone unfollows you. As a result, you’ll be able to unfollow multiple users at once effortlessly.

Note: This unfollow app is only available on Android.

6# Unfollowers and followers analytics for Instagram

Instagram unfollowers app-Unfollowers and followers analytics for Instagram

This is the next useful Instagram unfollowers app that alerts users about their profile’s follow and unfollow activity. This IG unfollow app can be used to your benefit since it not only helps you clear out ghost followers, but it also provides proper analytics for Instagram posts.  

Note: It is not available on Google Play Store. Once you want to download it, you need to download it from the website. Plus, it’s available on Android only.

7# Followers insight

Instagram unfollowers app-Followers insight

The next Instagram unfollow app we have listed here is Followers insight. This Instagram unfollow tracker offers you great insights about your profile, including followers insight (detailed insight into those who unfollowed your account), media-related analytics, and multiple IG account monitoring.

Note: This automatic unfollow Instagram app is only available on Android.

8# Unfollowers and ghost followers

Unfollow app for Instagram- Unfollowers and ghost followers

This Instagram unfollowers app lets you access all followers related information such as unfollowers, followers, ghost followers, or mutual followers, all from its dashboard. 

Note: Available on Android only

9# Followers tool for Instagram

Instagram unfollowers app-Followers tool for Instagram

This unfollow app for Instagram lets you mass follow/unfollow from the app itself. Using this Instagram unfollowers app, you are provided with insights about your followers’ activities in addition to a record of blocks and unblocks. 

Note: This app is available for Android users; however, not on the Google Play Store.

10# IG analyzer

Instagram unfollowers app-IG analyzer

The next IG unfollow app we want to introduce to you is IG analyzer. It helps you distinguish between real followers and unfollowers by providing you with basic information about them. It also allows you to mass follow and unfollow.

Note: Available on iOS only.

11# Followers Assistant

Instagram unfollow app-Followers Assistant

“Who unfollowed me on Instagram?”, “Who doesn’t follow me back?”, etc., if you find it difficult to find answers to these questions, then Followers Assistant can help you do so. 

This unfollowers Instagram app allows you to check the users who follow you, don’t follow you back, don’t interact with you, and even those who follow you but don’t follow back.

This app also offers users two beneficial features: 1- Quick stop follow (stop following up top 200 users), 2- View comments (respond to all comments in recent posts)

Note: It’s another iOS app that you can download on the App Store.

12# FollowMeter for Instagram

unfollow app for Instagram-FollowMeter for Instagram

If you are looking for an Instagram unfollowers app to help you track new followers and unfollowers you receive, FollowMeter for Instagram can help you most. With this app, you are offered great insight into the Instagram likes and comments in general and your most viewed posts. 

Note: It is for iOS users only. 

13# Ingramer

unfollow app for Instagram-Ingramer

Ingramer is an online automated unfollow Instagram app that provides users with automated likes, follow/unfollow, comments, and scheduled publishing, among other features. Ingramer may be used on any device to manage Instagram growth.

14# Firing Table

Instagram unfollowers app-Firing table

Firing Table is a website that provides paid social media management services to Instagram users. The business claims to be able to grow a substantial Instagram following organically through account management. Their account management process also includes detecting and clearing out those who don’t follow you back.

15# Bigbangram

 IG unfollower tracker-Bingbangram

BigBangram is an Instagram account management and auto-follower bot in one. It lets users promote their accounts pleasantly and securely by using auto likes, comments, direct messages, and follows/unfollows.

17# Growthoid

 Instagram unfollowers app-Growthoid

Another best Instagram unfollowers app you can take advantage of in order to track your Instagram unfollowers is Growthoid. They claim to take care of every part of your Instagram growth, not just bulk unfollowing.

18# Nitreo

 IG unfollow app-Nitero

Nitero is also a handy unfollow app for Instagram. They pride themselves on taking actions such as following/unfollowing manually to let you organically grow on Instagram.

19# Unfollow users

 IG unfollow app- Unfollow users

Unfollow users is the right choice for those who want to stop following all the people who don’t follow them back at once. This IG unfollow app allows the user to unfollow up to ten people at the same time with a single click.

20# Followers pro+

Followers pro+ is an Instagram unfollowers app free that offers a paid version as well. It provides you with a wealth of information on your followers, including those who do not follow you back and makes unfollowing them a breeze.

Which is the best unfollowers app for Instagram?

The best Instagram unfollowers app is one that doesn’t exceed Instagram limits and doesn’t put your account at the risk of being banned, blocked, etc. moreover, you’d better use one of these apps that suits all your needs the most to make the best of your account. 

AiGrow would be the best Instagram unfollowers app you can use to your benefit. It is an all-in-one Instagram marketing app, and you don’t need any other app while managing your Instagram account.

Give AiGrow a free try


As long as you keep your follower-to-following ratio in good shape, which you can do by using one of the best unfollow apps for Instagram listed above, we believe you’ll be well on your way to having an Instagram profile that has a lot of credibilities and allows you to work with brands and be seen by people who want to take you seriously.

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