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Top 10 Instagram marketing agencies to grow your business

As the number of Instagram users increases every day, it’s not for personal use anymore; Nowadays, many businesses and brands use Instagram as their social media marketing strategy to get more customers. An Instagram marketing agency can help you find potential users, interact with them, and grow your audience. 

Let’s take a look at the top ten Instagram marketing agencies available in the market!

If you don’t have enough time to read the whole article but are looking for the best Instagram marketing agency, AiGrow is what you need. 

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Can Instagram be used for marketing?

Nowadays, everyone around the world uses Instagram, and it’s the second most popular social media platform after Facebook. Here are some of the reasons why you need to use Instagram for your marketing to get more customers: 

  • Instagram Stories get over 500 million users every day.
  • About 70% of businesses use Instagram in the US.
  • About 45% of Instagram users are aged between 18 to 45, which makes a marketing opportunity.
  • More than 1 billion users use Instagram every month.

All of these data prove that Instagram can help you grow your business, increase your brand awareness, and gain customers. That’s why Instagram is trying to add more features every day to help everyone monetize their content and grow their business on the platform. You can use IGTV ads, Swipe-up Story links, shoppable posts, and tags, etc.  

Top 10 Instagram marketing agencies to grow your business

If you are a business or brand owner and don’t know how to use Instagram for marketing, don’t worry; We have a solution that works for businesses of all sizes. Instagram marketing agencies are created to help you manage your Instagram account, get more followers, and grow your business. 

In the following, we’ll introduce you to the top ten Instagram marketing agencies available in the market. 

1. AiGrow – The best Instagram marketing agency

AiGrow is the best Instagram marketing agency you can find available in the market. This platform gathers all the features a professional user needs for growing an Instagram page, including a powerful Instagram growth service. Some of its main features are:

  • Dedicated account manager: This manager spends time on your behalf to interact with your followers, follow new potential users, and unfollow them back after a while. All these actions are done using a manager, so you don’t need to be worried about spam actions and getting blocked.
  • Growth tool: AiGrow Instagram marketing agency uses a powerful AI engine to find real and potential customers interested in your service. You can target users by hashtags, locations, and competitor accounts.
  • Content scheduler: Based on the latest Instagram algorithm, sharing posts and Stories more often is the key to run an Instagram page. AiGrow’s content scheduler allows you to schedule posts, Stories, and IGTV videos from months ahead for your best hours. You can also share videos directly from YouTube to Instagram without downloading.
  • Link in bio tool: One of the best tools that Instagram marketers and businesses can use is the bio-link tool. With this feature, you can design your landing page filled with multiple links and buttons. This way, you can drive your Instagram traffic to other platforms such as your website, YouTube channel, blog, etc.
  • Hashtag generator: Every professional Instagram user knows the importance of using hashtags to increase their reach. With AiGrow, you can find top and trend hashtags in a blink.
  • Post&Reward: Running Instagram contests and giveaways can help you instantly increase your followers, reach, and engagement rate. AiGrow Instagram marketing company made giveaways much easier for you using the post and reward tool. Here is a video showing you how to use it:

2. Tailwind

Tailwind is one of the most popular Instagram marketing companies, and its main focus is on scheduling and managing your content. It also works for Pinterest to schedule pins and publish them automatically. Here are some of the main features of the Tailwind Instagram marketing service:

  • Managing multiple Instagram accounts from one platform
  • Hashtag generator tool: It only takes few seconds to find top hashtags related to the post you want to share.
  • Analytics tool: It helps you get an overall view of your account’s growth, followers’ interests, etc. You can choose to receive daily, weekly, or monthly details and plan your content base on it.
  • Bio-link tool: Create your own landing page for free and add unlimited links to increase your traffic over multiple platforms.

Tailwind cons:

  • Not a beginner-friendly dashboard
  • There are few features for Pinterest

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3. Iconosquare

The next Instagram agency that works effectively for your account’s growth is Iconosquare. Iconosquare is a social media management and analytics tool that works for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It provides you depth insights into your Instagram performance, lets you schedule posts, generate reports, monitor competitors’ activity, and engage with your audience, all within one platform. That’s why we think it’s one of the best tools for businesses that want to grow their marketing on Instagram. Here are some of Iconosquare Instagram agency features:

  • Hashtags and location-based post tracking.
  • Weekly analytics and reports
  • Followers growth tool with targeting options

Iconosquare cons:

  • It doesn’t offer deep analytics
  • There is no free plan to test the features
  • There is no auto-posting too

4. Sprout social

Sprout social is another Instagram marketing company on the list of best Instagram marketing services. It helps brands and agencies of all sizes to manage, optimize, and grow their account. Here are the top and key features of Sproutsocial Instagram marketing service:

  • Instagram post and video automatic scheduler
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly reports and analytics
  • Brand monitoring using hashtags and locations

SproutSocial cons:

  • High pricing
  • It doesn’t support multiple accounts

5. Leetags

If you have been an Instagram user for a while, you might be aware of the importance of using hashtags for growing your account. As a marketer, Hashtags can make or break your Instagram marketing strategy. 

By using Instagram hashtags correctly, you’ll get your posts seen by more people likely to be interested in your products or brand. But using the wrong ones can cause you damage from non-potential followers and visitors and decrease your visibility based on Instagram’s algorithm. Leetags Instagram marketing service is one of the best tools that can help you in finding hashtags. According to their website: “To find the trending hashtags just type one or more terms related to your post in the search field without any punctuation and separated by simple spaces. … Each hashtag in the response is followed by the number of posts in which it was used and its relevance, making it easier to choose“.

Leetags cons:

  • Doesn’t find banned hashtags
  • Overuses hashtags on posts

6. Hootsuite

The next Instagram marketing agency that can help you in growing your business on Instagram is Hootsuite. It helps you automate your Instagram activities and instead put the time on creating high-quality content. Here are some of the main features of this social media marketing agency.

  • Post scheduling: You can set publishing dates for your Instagram posts, tweets, Pinterest pins, and they’ll be published automatically. It also suggests the optimum times to get the highest reach.
  • Stream feature: This tool allows you to monitor different accounts, hashtags, channels, etc.
  • Analytics tool: You can get reports about your performance every day and try to improve it.

Hootsuite cons:

  • Limited features on the free plan
  • Bugs on the auto-scheduling tool
  • High pricing for the service you get

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7. Later

Later is one of the best Instagram marketing agencies for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. It helps businesses and agencies of all sizes to manage their social media platforms from one place. Let’s take a look at Later’s features:

  • Link in bio tool: As you might know, you can only add one clickable link on your Instagram bio. If you want to use more of this feature, a landing page can help you share unlimited links with your followers. Later’s bio link tool, similar to AiGrow’s, helps you create, design, and share your landing page with your followers for free.
  • Content scheduler: You can schedule photos, videos, and stories from weeks ahead, and they’ll be published automatically.
  • User-generated content: Their system lets account managers share user-generated content, drive traffic, and gain insights into the post’s performance.
  • Instagram analytics: Observe and improve your performance using this tool.
  • Hashtags suggestion tool: This tool suggests personalized post creation strategies and hashtags to attract viewers and increase your reach.

Later cons:

  • You can’t upload large-sized files
  • No tool for scheduling Instagram stories
  • Doesn’t provide deep analytics

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8. Onlypult

Onlypult is one of the newest Instagram marketing agencies to help you schedule and manage your accounts. It allows you to upload photos and videos directly from your PC, edit images, manage several accounts simultaneously, and increase your interactions with your followers using a manager. Also, you don’t need to give them direct access to your social media account for your account’s safety. Here are Onlypult Instagram agency features:

  • Social media posting
  • Instagram reposting tool
  • Analytics tool
  • Micro landing page builder

Onlypult cons:

  • You can’t schedule videos
  • There is no mobile app

9. Awario

Awario is a social media listening and monitoring service designed to help brands and businesses discover conversations about their products or services. With Awario Instagram marketing company, you can monitor your discussions, know the public’s prevailing sentiments, and monitor the trends. Also, this Instagram marketing agency helps you gather and analyze your account data to generate insights and improve your performance. Here are its main features:

  • Powerful analytics
  • Hashtag and location-based monitorings
  • View multiple accounts from one place

Awario cons:

  • High pricing
  • Not a beginner-friendly dashboard

10. Grum

The last social media marketing agency that we think can help you in your Instagram marketing is Grum. It is an Instagram auto-scheduler to help users plan and organize their feed content. It also has a beginner-friendly dashboard that makes it easy for everyone to use it. This Instagram agency is only focused on the scheduling tool, so it doesn’t offer any other features. 

Grum cons:

  • Bugs on the feed posting
  • There is no trial

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How to grow a business account on Instagram?

Up to here, we introduced you to the top ten Instagram marketing companies for growing your page. As we said earlier, AiGrow is the best Instagram marketing service you can find available in the market. Let’s see how to use this Instagram marketing service to grow your business.

  • First, signup on AiGrow’s website for free and log into your account.
  • Click “Add Instagram Account” to connect your Instagram page to AiGrow. You can add an unlimited number of accounts here and manage them together.
  • Select “Manage” to start using different features.

  • In the “Growth” tab, you can target users by hashtags, locations, and competitor’s accounts to find the most potential followers.

  • Scroll down to the activities box and turn on “Follow” and “Unfollow”.
  • Click “Start Growth”.

After a few seconds, the AI engine provides you a list of targeted followers in your niche. By purchasing one of AiGrow’s growth plans, your dedicated account manager starts following and unfollowing them safely to increase your followers. These plans are priced from 99$ to 199$ per month and guarantee your account safety. It means that you don’t need to be worried about losing the engagement rate, getting action blocked, or shadowbanned

A final thought on top Instagram marketing agencies

Using an Instagram marketing agency is one of the best ways to increase your followers in a short time and grow your business. But you need to be careful about using trusted Instagram agencies since you might put your account in danger. In this article, we introduced you to the top ten best Instagram marketing agencies you can try. To sum up, the best one you can find that can grow your business safely on Instagram is AiGrow. By clicking the below link, you can sign up for free and start using different features. 

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