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Instagram Growth Hacks

How to Use Your Instagram Bio-Link to Drive More Clicks and Sales

November 24, 2021 4:13 pm


When I start talking about the profile, I like to think of it as three kinds of entities and your profile is essentially your first impression. It’s like your design, like anything in life. It really sort of gives people that first impression of who you are, what you’re made of. I talk about this sort of bio content, these contact elements. Here you are all in your contact links and then the story highlights. It will tell you what to feed in a moment.

Say Simply What You Do

So you’re content? I did. The best approach here is to tell people what you do in a more concise way. So when I see folks putting in things like we are the best house builder renovating since 1922 and have built in style and created fifteen different houses and stuff, you know, when you when you put too much there, people get lost. And this is a really like snapshot kind of you. I would say use trying to do it in six, eight words
Very quick little summary. Thank you. Put one line. Right. And then some of that has to do with your mission. So something that’s a lot more spiritual or sort of what you’re all about. And then I like to say, you know if she can put something in about you if you’re in a personal business. Talk a bit about yourself. This is really a what? You know, a personal kind of business. And it’s social.

Use Links and Action Buttons

You know, again, people are going to be sort of flashing by page after page. You want to draw them, draw their attention. I always like the use of emojis even for any kind of business. OK, so that’s always a good approach for that content area in terms of your contacts. You have obviously a Web link and then you have some buttons that you can place here. Do you have a Web site? Then you should put it up here.
But we have, you know, one limitation here is that you can only have one link across all of Instagram unless you have 10000 followers. You can actually put links inside of inside your stories. But most people don’t have that many. So really, you you want to be thinking here is how can I make more out of this link? I’m going to show you a tool that you can do that with, for you can link all of your feme posts and create more content from your link.
But, you know, you want to have your link and you want to have some of these buttons. People click on contact. They’ll be able to see your phone number and email. Some folks don’t like people to see that. So there’s some other ways inside this. I’m going to show you ways that you can actually get information from people without providing your actual personal information or your phone number.

Decorate Your Profile with Stroy Highlights

And thirdly, you have these sorts of story highlights. So if you know how stories work, stories disappeared in 24 hours or so. But when you’re using them as a highlight, the act is sort of the kind of stick to the top of your page. And think of him as kind of navigation or they can represent themes of content. So if you’re, you know, don’t think I’m exactly like a Web site navigation like home about us, whatever it may be, it’s more like, I would say more around what you do or themes, and you can even put some things that are more timely, like if you have an announcement if you have a sale going on this week.

What You Do in a One View

You know, that’s something you would put on the top of your page as one of these highlights. So, you know, think that through a lot of folks like that create their own little icons. Just really nice as well, part of their look and feel. So what we’re doing and do here is do a quick sort of quick thing. So I call quick take a look at a few different profiles and let’s see how they’ve actually taken the one approach they’ve taken.
So this individual here is a beauty consultant and they sell. She sells some products. I went through her feed but decided not to put on a link. I know you are all here, which I actually felt was a mistake because there’s lots of opportunities here for her to sell and link directly to content. But most of her content is direct videos. That’s OK. Really nice use of color and creating these custom icons really sort of. It’s almost a custom designed.

Create a Theme of Your Content

And it shows you exactly what she does. So you have a great little profile of emojis kind of engaging. I actually think this is a really nice looking profile, you know, years. I think a bit of a lost opportunity. This person here does Instagram. Best of Instagram. And you’re not really seeing any themes in the year. So there’s a lost opportunity to really engage with folks, because, again, you know, if there were something where here it was interesting, they may click on it, but, you know, decent use of their profile information.
Again, no, you are. All I hear is kind of it in and I’m e-commerce type page and you see it all kind of come together here. So you’ve got different content things. The top you got you are all taking them to looks like a sales page and then you’ve got even a call to action. Some promo here, free leggings. You can get, you know, the MRA email. It’s sort of another way people liked it.

Action Buttons are Necessary

Yeah. So do you want to give someone an opportunity, people like that you can buy? Well, one thing I’ve learned is that everyone likes to communicate with your business in different ways. It’s like some posts like the email you. Some folks want to call you. Some folks don’t mind leaving a message. So, you know, give them opportunities here. You’ve got your kind of email button.

Add URLs to Your Bio

And I’m going to show you some other things you can do to help them get in touch. Clear are a few different sort of views on that side. So I’ve been mentioning here this this idea of creating a all in one bio. You are all so viscerally here that tools go my URL up bio available in agro. Can you. It’s a free to reconnect next creature page in seconds.
And the way it works is you just claim your bio or give it a name and it automatically will place itself in this section. And then you can start building your page using drag and drop buttons so you can add a contact form. You can add your social links. You can add different calls to action here or gives you links to other places. You can add stories. And of course, you can link all of the posts in your feed and include them on this page so I can potentially send say this thing.
May maybe a blog post. I can send him directly to my blog post here. This is an actual product page and the senior I’m selling them directly to my Shopify shopping cart. So this is a way to actually drive sales, generate more impressions to your page, generate more impressions to your music, you know, whatever it is that you’re trying to promote. You can actually drive people directly to that. I certainly suggest creating this kind of page.
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Update, October 2021

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This post was last modified on November 24, 2021 4:13 pm