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I think growing your page is something that you can start doing right now. And this is kind of a thing, the hardest thing, you know, when you get it kind of amazes me that so much of your of the content that’s created are for Instagram never, ever get seen. That always kind of amazes me. You think about this one stat 70 percent of all posts never, ever get seen.

Imagine how much time is put into creating content. They never get seen. It’s like people making movies all day. They never get to the theater. Obviously, right now, no one’s going to theaters. But but obviously that was the case. And 70 percent of the movies that were me never got to the theater. That business wouldn’t being reshaped.

Engage People with Proper Hashtagging

So the idea here is that the good side of it is that if you’re posting and using hashtags correctly, you can actually increase your engagement. You do have control. You can create great content strategy. You focus just on the people who are following you and really get more time in front of them. So the first thing to think about is hashtags.

And everyone thinks it’s some kind of magic behind them. You know, there’s some magical equation. You know, I should be using five or six and that’s going to get my, my maximum. You know, it reduces the clutter in the algorithm will get me more engagement. Not true. You know, it could be 11:00. So we will think 11:00. I tend to use somewhere around 12. Ten to fifteen when I post. But again, I used five and had certainly I’ve used 30 and had I mean, it really depends on your content post in your audience.

Create Your Hashtags

So what I like to talk about is sort of or the way I like to think about this, to create a list in your master list of hashtags. Somewhere between 25 and 30 I think is a good number. So when you want to do is you want to start with one tag. So, for example, real to have a set of example on the screen. Now, right away you go to a Web interface or even on your app and you can actually see related tags with it. So this is actually trending tags related to the tag.

You just search for. You can add these to your list. You want to look at Competitors’ and see what tags they’re using. Right. You can look at your audience. You know, you look at the people who are following you and see the tags they’re using.

Right. Because this is all like this really comes down to tags that you use, have an opportunity to sort of become available on on on a search of discover areas for that topic. Right. So people will type in. Go to the search bar and type in something. And that’s where you want to be. You want to be engaged with that tag. You want to be a top post with that tag.

Be On the Top of the Posts of Your Hashtags

And someone looks for real estate in New York City and you’re associated with that tag and you’re doing a lot of recent posts with that tag and you’re going to be the first person upon that list of users. So the idea here is when when you’re posting with tags is to my my feeling is you start with one and you start to build them up bit by bit.

And then as you’re using them, depending on the content, you kind of add in some that relate to that content. Right. So, again, if you’re talking about a new home or homeless thing or new homes, new condos, whatever it may be, if you’re if you’re posting a condo, you would include the condominium or those, those hashtags, but you wouldn’t put that in every tag that have a condo associated with it.

So you want to have your 25 or 30 tags. You want to have more than that. You are panic about it because you want to be doing is using them frequently and making sure that they’re actually used quite a bit. And, you know, a tag that has millions of posts associated with it isn’t necessarily a good tag to be using. That means you’re competing with many, many, many, many people for visibility on that tag. I actually like tags that have fewer instances being used.

Engage with Your Target Posts for Real Growth

OK. So that has to do with your content and tags you use on content post the other side of tags is actually what you use for growth. The growth is interesting. Now, how growth really works or your old fashion engagement approach? Well, people used to do a lot of just follow on follow, which is kind of it still works, but you need to go further than that. What you need to do is engage with people’s posts. You need to find you find basically your target. You find some people using tags and other Instagram accounts.

Be Social as Much as You Can

Then you go on there and you can actually visit the profile page like some other posts, comment on their posts, basically be social. And it’s time to do this. And you’ll see they’re going to follow you back. Right. And especially if you’re posting on someone’s feed, you comment and they reply. If you reply back to their reply, that’s even better. Right. You have to really be what I was say to be social. Social platform.

You’ve got to do do the thing right or have someone doing it for you. So the task for you is to look. Use your hashtags that we’re just talking about. And look at the top of the page. Most recent profile. Again, people who. Use the tags that are in the middle of that list. Very similar to search when they’re using Google. It’s sort of it sort of has some timeliness to it.

You’re not going. If you’re searching for a new lawnmower. Six months ago, you look. Chances are you already bought that lawnmower. So you don’t want to be engaging with those folks. That’s already kind of done with. Try to you want to sort of focus on the people who are at the top of the list.

Commit to Daily Activity

You want to look at things like comments. You see if the comments are real, you want to be engaging with people are spending time. Folks, there are accounts that aren’t really real. And the most important element here is to commit to it daily. It’s actually really easy to do if you find the right times to do it. Most people forget.

And that’s really an issue, right? So they know if you’re on the bus for 15 or 20 minutes each day, if obviously now you’re at home or you’re not working quite as much, it’s actually quite easy. Maybe set an alarm or put it in your calendar where you actually spend some time every morning or every, you know, ten o’clock every day, where you spend a half an hour literally going through those hashtags, pull up a hashtag, go to the top. Look at somebody profiles and start engaging. And I promise you, you are going to start getting followers. It’s going to happen, right? It will happen.

AiGrow Organic Growth Empowered by an AI Helps You Find Your Targets

And and and, you know, we have an actual service where we provide help, where we’ll go in. And we have a sort of magical approach where we can go in three, four or five times a day. And of course, we have some data that we use is an algorithm that will take your location, your existing posts and your hashtags, and we’ll mix them all together and it’ll find the best quality people to engage with.

So that’s what we use and we do it. And you can get. You can get gain access to some of that data on our platform. And that’s using this tool here. So basically, if you go to the growth tab in our system, you have some data focus sort of stuff some data you can get at using tags. And then, of course, we weed out all its the vague unengaged people. We’d find your targets and then we can deliver you a daily activities and get you hundreds of new followers.

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