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Instagram Growth Academy – Content Planning Fundamentals


We’re gonna jump into the meat here, and jump into the meat around content and planning. So the one thing I’d like to start with is that we start from the top, which is why should people care about what you post? That’s an interesting question, right? There’s so much stuff you can kind of read today as so many things hitting people. If you can’t answer that question, why do they really care?

Then then you really probably shouldn’t be creating content because they don’t care. You get to spend a lot of time gathering followers, engaging with other people, and losing them as soon as they are as soon as they start following you. So I would say there are three kinds of secrets of success here when it comes to content.

Focus on Your Passion

One is to really focus on what you’re passionate about. That passion will rub off. You actually spend time and your effort. You’ve sort of put your life and your kind of sweat into developing content that really comes out in everything that you do when it comes to your feed and story. And people will kind of feed on that. Appreciate that readily and come through and how you present your content.

Have a Perspective of Your Target Market

The other, the second thing you should consider is how or what your target market is. Who are they? And, you know, there are some demographics around who they are. You know what you know. But, you know, you have to, you have to sort of zone in on what they are and really connected to that is one of their pain points is what are they interested in.

So if you are an interior designer, you want to focus on who you’re talking to. So you’re talking to, say, moms, for example. Then you know who they are and you know what their pain points out. The pain points are coming up with great ideas, you know, depending on your demographic or your target market coming up with good ideas that may be cost-conscious. Right. So easy, cheap ways to improve your home.

So that’s going to drive out what your content looks like to me. Talk about easy DIY solutions and places where you can go shop and ideas that you can do on a budget and so on. So the key is to understand, you know, who your target market is and what their pain points are. And then when you inject your passion into it, you can create some really unbelievable engagement with your audience.

Five “W”s Are The Keys

So the two one tool that we use is this grid concept where we map out what we call the five W’s. So that’s who, why, what, where, and when. And then what we do is we map that out. And then we put it into these content teams. I call them buckets. So we create these buckets. So who is your content targeted to? And that was our target market contest.

Who are the people that you’re building this content for, why they should really care or what their pain points are, and what their interests are or what content types? So are you gonna create video for this for them? With regard to this content need to create them. I mean, these reposting. Right.

Where to Find or How to Create Your Content

These different ways you can think about that. Where you are going to get this content is really important. And again, if you’re thinking about this and the way I like to think about it, the analogy I use is that it’s a marathon. This isn’t a sprint. You’re not going to get you’re not gonna win this game. And in a match, you know, win it by always creating great content.

So if that’s the case, you need to find a reliable place. We can always get it. If taking pictures of people at your office or when you’re working, if you’re a designer again and you can always take pictures of the work you’re doing at different places, that’s great. Because you actually have photos. You may want to consider having professional shots done because it looks really, really good having created time and putting them in your kind of library. You can always pull one out when you need one. You know, then when is the last question.

So when meeting frequency, how often am I going to do this? Once a month. Twice a month. I’m going to do this sort of post every Monday. Am I going to do something every Wednesday? That kind of thing. So those are the kind of elements you should consider.

Analyze Your Audience to Know The Answer to When Question

Now going back to, you know, the when and who. If you haven’t had a chance again, back going back into insights, you should look at the audience, a great driver here of what your audience really is. So I can tell you from the folks you have in your following today, what their gender mix is, what the age is and was really interesting, I think is, is how often they’re engaging with content, when they, when they actually engage with your content and where they’re from. Right.

This talks about time as well and sort of where people are coming from. So some folks are surprised to see that people are coming from different parts of the world, maybe an opportunity for some different part of their own country. So the “when” gets answered here.

You can go into and see content sites as well. Lots of information there about the types of so you can see in the content tab. I don’t have it here, but you can see the content tab. But anyway. And the content. You can see from your posts the kind of deeper engagement. So, well, what tags have been engaged with? Watch how much people are engaging with actual pieces of content, engagement rates. And you can see data like this as it relates to your content.

Put Yourself in Your Target’s Shoes

So shifting back to my little grid over here, this is the way something, you know, one of our grid looks filled in. So this is something for first a realtor, right? So in this scenario, I’ll just go through this one column here. One content bucket or continental idea was listings. And that’s sort of your listing of a home, a home for sale. That’s what a listing is. So let’s just answer some of these questions or what we went through. Who cares about a listing? Well, people who are looking for a market or who may be moving soon. Right. And then why do they care? Obviously, they’re in the market.

But some people also like what they found is people like House called House creepy. So they’d like to see what other people’s homes look like and what other people’s homes cost and what people are paying for taxes and that kind of thing. So, people, you know, when you’re either in home or in the market or are looking in the market, this is really kind of juicy content. And because of that, they decided to invest in a video because it’s entirely engaging. So if you can create a small video just using pictures of the home and texts, you managed to figure out a great way to do this.

And when they don’t have time, they can create a little image carousel just by uploading a bunch of images, you know, where they can get this thing. There’s a Web site where you get all these listings, which is great. So even homes that they don’t really have their own listing with think they can go and actually list. And they’re doing them, they figured about once a week. So that’s the way this kind of comes together. Very easy to build.

Use All Scheduling Tools in AiGrow

And you’ll see here this was, this was drawn out through all the different content teams. So it’s inspiration, personal pictures, and market insights. And we did the same exercise for each one of those. So spend a few minutes are going through that, and I think you’ll have some great success. One great tool that you can find in AiGrow, it’s called the social calendar and it’s again, a free tool and a free scheduler is a sort of calendar event. So we had, as our team go through sport every day of the year in different parts of the world. And they found events that are going on each day.

So this is for April 2020. But April Fool’s Day, garden monthly, a FactFriday. These are different things that are going on. And what we’ve done is amassed a bunch of hashtags. So when you click on this “schedule post”, you will see a bunch of existing posts that you can look at that could either inspire you to create your own or you can literally repost it when you’re reposting it. It actually calls out that initial that says that it’s coming via that original.

So you’re actually calling it out. So you have a license or at least permission to do it. Ah, this you’re calling it out. And then you have this concept here of quick content. You can schedule it for those days in advance. So this is a real easy way to fill your calendar with interesting pieces of content.

Put Yourself Ahead by Scheduling

Now, the final tidbit that we do when we’re talking about content is scheduling it now. This is a little bit details for a lot of people, though. I tend to use Google’s calendars for every account and client that we work with. We have a calendar that we can share and essentially we map out what’s happening on every day. And this gives folks, you know, you can basically do a month or two in advance.

So one thing that’s good about doing a month in advance is it helps you think things through a little bit. You’re not always sort of being getting caught by, you know, by surprise to figure out you got to do something you’re thinking it through.

So it’s a process. And then also you can see things a week or two in advance when it’s on a calendar. So you can sort of get working on it today and you’ll have stuff what we call in the can sort of ready to go. So try to use a counter if you can. A basic list also works. And another way of doing it is going right into a tool like ours and just basically putting a piece of content in and just starting to add them in. So if you want to, you just add them in as you go. And you just scheduled for those days and it just basically starts it automatically costs for you. It’s beautiful.

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