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Instagram Hacks

8 Killer Instagram followers hack for Android users

November 23, 2021 4:13 pm

Nowadays, social media like Instagram and Facebook is turning into a competing platform for making money. The number of your followers is the most beneficial factor when it comes to making a fortune from Instagram. Simply put, the more followers you have, the more revenue you will get. That’s why we are going to share some “Instagram followers hack Android” to help you increase the number of your followers.

Although getting more Instagram followers should be a top priority, especially for brands and businesses, it is not as easy as you may think in such a competing platform. So if you are looking for killer Instagram hacks to gain more and more real followers to increase your visibility, engagement, etc., you will find this article helpful for sure.

Without further ado, if you, as an Android user, are looking for a safe way to grow the number of your followers, all you need is to install AiGrow’s growth app on your device.

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Instagram followers hack for Android users

As we mentioned earlier, you need professional hacks and experience to gain real organic followers. Most Android users may use inauthentic apps and bots to increase the number of their followers, but it will do nothing to your advantage. You’ll definitely have your account blocked, banned, etc., at the end.

You’d better use hacks and tactics that aren’t against Instagram guidelines in the process of managing your IG account. Follow the hacks below to have the opportunity to increase your followers.

1- Instagram followers hack Android # Create a branded hashtag and use hashtags strategically

Nothing can put your content in the public eye and help your posts be discovered in searches more than hashtags do. Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags in a feed post and 10 hashtags in a story. It provides you with a good chance of getting more reach if you know how to use them.

There are different types of hashtags. It’s worth using different types in your posts. For example, industry-specific hashtags help you to be discovered in the search result when your community members search a specific word.

What is vitally important about hashtags is to create branded hashtags so that tons of audiences who are into your niche can recognize you on Instagram. Those audiences who are into your niche can bring more engagement to your account since they love what you do. They like your posts, leave comments, and interact with you.

Don’t stick to only specific or general hashtags! Use them both while posting your content because general hashtags will also help you increase visibility. Although you may have less chance of being seen because millions of posts are uploaded with these general tags.

2- Instagram followers hack Android # Create an attention-grabbing feed theme

How your feed looks at first glance is very important since it makes the first impression. Creating an Instagram feed that makes you stand out and has a consistent style and theme gets visitors’ attention and encourages them to click the follow button.

Bear in mind that your feed theme should be relevant to your niche and make your visitors recognize what your niche is as soon as they look through your feed. Be creative and use Instagram grid layouts to be able to design your feed like a pro.

For instance, if you have a restaurant, your feed should be something like this:

3- Instagram followers hack Android # Engage with your community

Most of the time, people think all that is of prime importance to increase their followers is the content they share. They actually create high-quality content, share it from time to time, and then sit back, waiting to grow. But this isn’t the most effective way to grow.

It should be noted that you should spend most of your time engaging and connecting not only with your followers but also especially with other accounts. In fact, you should only spend 20% of your time creating content.

Here’s how to connect with other accounts: First of all, search one of your recently used hashtags to find other posts using the same hashtag. Next, choose some of these posts and leave comments on them, like them, reply to their stories, etc. it can help you increase your visibility, and in case you can build the connection, you may have the chance to be followers as well.

Plus, don’t forget to engage with your audience. Make sure to spend as many hours as you can checking and answering your Instagram comments, DMs, etc.

Read more: How to send and reply so many DMs on Instagram using AiGrow’s direct message feature. 

4- Instagram followers hack Android # Schedule your Instagram posts to post more consistently

There’s no denying the importance of consistency on Instagram. Posing consistently on the platform increases the chance of getting more exposure, especially when you know the right time to post

Building a consistent experience for your audience by sticking to a regular posting schedule helps with your Instagram engagement. When your audience expects you to post, you are more likely to receive more interaction and engagement.

Keeping a consistent posting schedule isn’t easy to do. There are times when you may be busy with other aspects of your daily life or business, etc., and you can’t post for hours and days.

If you are looking for a quick solution, you can schedule your Instagram posts ( IGTV, story, carousel posts, feed posts) with AiGrow.

5- Instagram followers hack Android # cross promote your Instagram account

As time goes on, the number of people who use social media platforms increases. So it would be a great idea to try to promote your IG account on other social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. In order to boost your account exposure.

Note: Promoting your Instagram account on your website is another great way to get more followers.

6- Instagram followers hack Android # Host Instagram giveaway contests

Believe it or not, running a successful Instagram giveaway perhaps is the most popular way to increase your Instagram followers fast and easily. An Instagram giveaway offers participants a free prize which acts like the motivator. Everybody does love winning prizes. 

You offer these prizes for free in exchange for Instagram likes, comments, or other requirements that you need to follow in order to be qualified to enter the contest.

Running your own Instagram giveaway will help you attract and engage more and more followers faster, strengthen your relationship with your existing audience, tease an upcoming product or feature release, and encourage your followers to create and share user-generated content.  

Pro tip: You can use AiGrow to manage your next Instagram giveaway contest, from scheduling your giveaway post to picking the winner.

7- Instagram followers hack Android # Establish a partnership with niche influencers on Instagram

Influencer marketing is another great way to increase your brand awareness and reach out to more people. When you are choosing the influencer you want to collaborate with, you need to consider two things: your budget (the influencers with more followers costs you more to work with) and the influencers’ niche and your own niche (you’d better pick influencers who are relevant to your niche). So you need to sort Instagram niche influencers in terms of followers, engagement, and price.

8- Instagram followers hack Android # Generate high-quality content

Quality Instagram content is essential to ensure that your audience will engage with your posts. There are so many helpful ideas about how to create high-quality content. We are going to share some of them in detail below.

You can use ready-to-use slide templates on online design tools to help you craft attractive visuals for social media. Also, it’s important not to neglect the variety of content formats available to you on the platform. You can try out carousel posts, 60-second videos, GIFs, and whatever the platforms allow you to share to engage more and more with your followers.

Moreover, you can repost content from other brands within your niche. Of course, what is of great importance is to do this legally. You need to ask them for permission and give proper credit to them.

Free Instagram followers app

There are so many Instagram followers apps out there that can help you gain new followers in a short time span. But the question is, do they all work? Of course not! If you want to use such apps, you’d better search and pick the one that works efficiently.

AiGrow is an Instagram management and growth platform with many professional features to help you grow your Instagram safely.

AiGrow’s growth feature is available on both desktop and mobile. So Android users are able to download the AiGrow’s app from Play Store and simply install it on their device. AiGrow has a user-friendly dashboard; you don’t need to worry.

What makes AiGrow’s growth service distinctive from other apps is that this app assigns dedicated account managers to work manually on your account and gain real followers organically. Simply put, since there is no bot on AiGrow, there is no need to worry about being banned, blocked, etc., on the platform.

Free Instagram followers hack no survey or download

Are you looking for a free Instagram followers hack without needing you to survey or download any apps, etc.? You can sign up on AiGrow for free now in order to make use of its growth engine and end up gaining 300-500 real organic followers each month. 

As we mentioned earlier, this service guarantees your organic followers growth since human resources work on your account(s). 

The good news is that AiGrow offers you a seven-day free trial to let you test the features and services. Once you make sure you’re satisfied with them, to keep using the app, you need to purchase one of the packages.

Update, October 2021

AiGrow has recently added the Content Creation service (PostMate) which is all you need to get custom content and design plans, plus a personal PostMate delivering weekly content creation and scheduling to keep your Instagram page fresh and relevant.

Watch the YouTube video below to see how you can use the growth service of AiGrow!

Final words

In order to use Instagram professionally and get whatever your objective is, you definitely need hacks and apps. In this article, we shared 8 killer Instagram followers hack for Android users, in addition to an Instagram growth and management app. Let’s give these hacks and apps a try to start increasing your niche-related and engaged followers.

This post was last modified on November 23, 2021 4:13 pm