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Instagram Hacks

Free Instagram Followers Hack No Survey Or Download

Many Instagrammers try to improve their accounts every day, but not all of them succeed. They are looking for a free Instagram followers hack (no survey or download) or how to get 1k followers on Instagram. So, if you’re among these people, don’t close this page. Why? Because that’s what we are going to show you. 

Free Instagram Followers Hack (No Survey Or Download) #1: Use Instagram Top Tools

One of the first methods you can use to get free Instagram followers is to outsource your Instagram marketing. The first noticeable result is saving time and energy so that you can put it into your business. Another consequence is that your account is in a professional hand if you find a reliable tool. So, what you need is an excellent and trustworthy tool for managing your Instagram account. 


AiGrow is one of the best Instagram growth agencies around the world with a shocking resume. If you visit AiGrow’s website, you will soon get what it’s about and how it works. 

Besides being an agency, AiGrow is a web-based tool too. Tap on the “Start Free” button, and you can build your AiGrow’s profile and add your Instagram to it. It’s as simple as that. Fortunately, the process takes only five minutes without downloading anything and adding any info about your credit cards. 

But, what is AiGrow, and how can it help you? You can benefit from Instagram in many ways like manual growth, scheduling posts, and many others that will follow this text. 

Growth Management Services

Believe it or not, AiGrow helps you manage your account with a real skilled person. This dedicated account manager will use the follow4follow strategy to get you free Instagram followers. However, they know how to hack Instagram for followers in 2021, which means they mean business. 

Another prominent part is targeting your followers. With AiGrow, niche, location, hashtag, influencer, and competitor targeting is possible. You need only to fill in the following fields. Then, an AI module will find every matched account for you in only a few seconds.  

If you want to know more about AiGrow’s growth process, watch this video. 

Scheduler Services

As you might know, Instagram doesn’t have a scheduling feature yet. And, it’s too irritating if you want a run a free Instagram followers hack. So, AiGrow solves this problem with its scheduling services just by web. 

When you’re in your dashboard, select managing your account, after that, just follow the following procedure. 

Once you select your content format, a feed post, for example, you will face something like this. 

You can add and edit your images, write a caption, and put some hashtags into the first comment. Besides, you can post it to your stories by just marking a box. 

However, AiGrow’s scheduling features are more than these. For example, you have access to all posts with any input hashtags to repost, or you can monitor any public account in your dashboard. 

Another great feature is to run a contest with AiGrow, and it’s completely joyful. All you have to do is get help from the video below. 

You probably have a lot of plans to post content related to an event like National Bird Day. AiGrow has solved this problem with its magnificent social calendar. So, you can see what the upcoming events are, and prepare your posts about them in advance. 

Other AiGrow Services

AiGrow has many other services too. Some of them are:

  • You can add many links to your bio using MyURLs.bio.
  • Automating DMs and responding to them is available with safety procedures.
  • Editing your content and sharing it can also be a task for your account manager if you want.
  • You can audit your account using AiGrow’s auditing tool.

AiGrow Pricing

Fortunately, you can sign up for AiGrow for free without adding your credit card info. Moreover, there is a lifetime free plan with some limited scheduling features, which is excellent. Another good news is a 7-day free trial for all packages of AiGrow. So, you can pay 1$ at most and use any of these perfect tool features. 


Another fantastic tool for monitoring and scheduling is Iconosquare. Iconosquare is not like AiGrow with growth features, but it has something to say for sure. 

You can see some of its capabilities in the following list. 

  • Publishing posts in advance using a media library
  • Previewing your posts
  • Location and account targeting
  • Hashtag suggestion and monthly analytics
  • Profile activity and competitor analytics

Iconosquare Pricing

You have a 14-day free trial for any plans. So, it seems reliable to use Iconosquare. However, if you don’t have a Facebook account for your business, don’t start signing up for it. The prices are in the following pictures. 

Free Instagram Followers Hack (No Survey Or Download) #2: Engaging Will Get You More Followers

Another Instagram followers hack for free is engaging with your audience. The Instagram algorithm shows that the accounts with more engagement from you will appear more to your feed. It is why engagement can be an answer to how to hack Instagram followers in 2021. 

The important part is that engaging with people is a two-sided road. After liking, commenting on a post of another account, you’ll cause an urge in them to do it back to you. So, it’s a win-win strategy. 

Free Instagram Followers Hack (No Survey Or Download) #3: Timing Hack

Do you care when to post your content during a day? If you do, you’ll have found a hack for getting 10k Instagram followers for free. Just remember to turn your account into a business one to leverage your Instagram. 

With an Instagram business account, you can get full insight into your audience’s view of your content or profile. 

Free Instagram Followers Hack (No Survey Or Download) #4: Instagram Reels

The new feature of Instagram that ensures Instagrammers do not leave Instagram for TikTok is Instagram Reels. It is an excellent chance to create content in this format when the news is real hot. 

Using Instagram Reels is undoubtedly a free hack for getting Instagram followers. So, don’t waste it. 

Free Instagram Followers Hack (No Survey Or Download) #5: Using Hashtags Never Gets Old

You have probably seen many hashtags worldwide, and you may use them, maybe because they are Interesting. However, do you know what they are and why they are?

When you use a social media platform like Instagram, it’s not very good for them if you leave the platform to search for something. That’s why every platform has an explorer in itself. So, how should the explorer engine search for content for what you have put into it? The answer is Hashtags

But this is not all about hashtags, and it’s a little complicated. For example, Instagram can find irrelevancy between the hashtags you use and your content. So, don’t use unrelated hashtags at all

All in all, try not to leave your content without hashtags. 

Free Instagram Followers Hack (No Survey Or Download) #6: Long Captions

Since people’s time spent on Instagram increases, the tendency to read longer captions gets more sensible. However, don’t become a Shakespeare on Instagram. Just try to amuse them as long as they don’t mind reading your captions. So, this can be a very different trick to hack Instagram followers.

Free Instagram Followers Hack (No Survey Or Download) #7: Partner with Micro-influencers

What/who are Instagram Influencers? Instagram influencers simply are those that can affect audiences. Based on some factors, you can see them in multiple categories. For instance, celebrities are influencers with millions of followers. The range of their influence is vast, but it’s not deep. 

Another category of Influencers are those with a specific niche but have lower followers (around 1k to 100k). They mostly share content about special topics like restaurants, beauty, travelling, and so on. You can call them Micro-influencers. 

After identifying your niche, try to get familiar with Micro-influencers with the same field of work. After that, try to partner with them because some of them may promote your account without getting any money. So, it will have a massive impact on your followers. That’s what you call a free hack for Instagram followers. 

Free Instagram Followers Hack (No Survey Or Download) #8: Return to Basics

Although there are many tricks to get 10k followers for free, don’t forget the basics. Don’t forget that you should share a post a day at least. Do care about your posts and their visual attractiveness. Share your posts with stories, and use different formats to share your content. Sometimes, you need to remember that a hack shouldn’t be very complicated, but it may be a consistent endeavour

Summing Up

The first thing to do to feel relax is buying a fantastic safe tool with guaranteed followers. Ironically, spending money on them is not losing your money if you see it as an investment. This is where your time and energy can be saved to focus on other things that need your speciality. 


This post was last modified on February 26, 2021 4:55 pm