Increase Brand Visibility with Free Instagram Comments

Ever wonder how people get their content into the “Top Post” ranking for a certain hashtags?

Let’s say you create a post with the hashtag #instagrammarketing (side note, this is a very competitive tag so not suggesting you use it :).

If your post using #instagrammarketing receives more engagement than the majority of other people’s posts using it, then you’re going to show up front and centre when people search the hashtag #instagrammarketing.

Here’s what that looks like:

TagScout more Instagram comments

When people search for specific hashtags, you want your post to show up as a Top Post.

It’s a virtuous cycle as well.  When more your posts rank in the Top Posts for their hashtags, the more visible you become.  The more visible you become, the more people will visit your channel, and, ideally choose to follow you.

So how do you get the engagement required to show up as a Top Post?

Engagement reflects how many of your followers are actually engaging with your content.

A post’s engagement rate can be understood as the number of Likes + the number of Comments / number of Followers.

The closer a post’s number of Likes and comments is to the number of followers you have, the higher engagement that post has.

While Likes and comments are both recognized as forms of engagement by Instagram, comments carry more weight than Likes.

With this in mind, posts high in comments are more likely to populate the Top Post search results than posts with only a large number of Likes.

The easiest way to get more free Instagram comments

When someone comments on your post, the least you can do is comment back.

Not only does this make the person leaving the comment feel acknowledged and appreciated, but every time you reply to someone else’s comment you are essentially doubling the amount of comments on your post.

In this sense, you are increasing your post’s engagement every time you reply to someone’s comment.

Time is of the essence – it’s important that you reply shortly after someone makes a comment on your post.  When determining which posts to place in the Top Posts search results, the Instagram algorithm also looks at how quickly posts acquire their comments.  If there are two posts with the same amount of comments, when choosing which post to place in the Top Post search results, it’s likely that Instagram will choose the post that acquired the comments faster.

The challenge with responses is that it can be quite time consuming, especially if you are a larger page posting daily and receiving hundreds of comments on each post.

This is where a tool like AiGrow comes in.

Instead of having to respond to every comment left on your posts on your own, particularly if most comments require similar responses, you can leverage the team at AiGrow and the toolset to semi-automate responses.   This way, a comment never goes without a response 24 hours a day.

The first step is to set up your responses within AiGrow Scheduler.  After creating your post and setting the date and the time to share it on Instagram, simply turn on “Auto-Response to Comments”.

You can create multiple auto responses to be used in rotation. Using more than one response makes your responses more authentic.

aigrow auto reply

Then connect with the AiGrow to get your responses started.   The system will rotate through responses, check for specific comments that may need your attention, and also ensure that replies are made within 1-2 hours of the initial comment on your post.

Some great ways to get people commenting on your posts to acquire free Instagram comments:

  • Offer the chance to win free product to those who comment on your post
  • Offer the chance to be featured on your channel
  • DM your followers highlighting your new post
  • Offer a discount to the first 10 people that comment on your post (this encourages timely responses)

Free Instagram comments and Top Post search results await you. Try AiGrow’s Auto Response feature by signing up today.

Post by Annika Daugherty

Annika is the chief editor for AiGrow. She has been working in the Marketing industry for more than 10 years and is the perfect Instagram Management Service advisor for you!

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