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What is Ainf_INC or Ainf_SOCIAL?

Ainf_INC or Ainf_SOCIAL is a holding company for all the following apps and web apps: 

  1. AiGrow.me
  2. DMpro.app
  3. AiSchedul.com
  4. MyURLs.bio
  5. Ainfluencer.com

Why do I see Ainf_INC or Ainf social on my bank statement?

If you see the name of this holding corporation, Ainf_INC / Ainf_SOCIAL, on your bank statement, check to see which one of the applications you have been using or you are using right now. 

I see Ainf_INC and Ainf_SOCIAL on my bank statement when I have been using one of the above-mentioned apps or web apps.

Since Ainf_INC runs the payments for these apps and they are all associated with it, you see Ainf_INC/Ainf_SOCIAL on your bank statement when being charged. So, there is no need to worry about an illegal purchase and don’t cancel it.

Note: Once you see Ainf_INC or Ainf_SOCIAL on your bank statement and you still worry about being charged illegally, you can make a call with the apps customer service which is available all day long to make sure that everything is ok and there is no need to cancel your purchase.

Let’s take a quick look at the above-mentioned websites or applications that are part of Ainf_INC/Ainf_SOCIAL holding corporation and see how they can help you with your Instagram account.

  • AiGrow.me

AiGrow is an Instagram third-party app which centers around Instagram management and organic growth. It’s one of the best all-in-one Instagram apps you can make use of to your benefit to grow your IG account. It provides you with many useful features you may need in the process of managing and growing your account.

It follows Instagram rules and regulations and doesn’t exceed Instagram limits to put your account at the risk of being banned because all the activities to grow your account are done by professional dedicated account managers.

  • DMpro.app

DMpro is also a part of Ainf_SOCIAL holding company which centers around Instagram direct messages. Using this app gives you the opportunity to generate leads and sales more easily with your IG DMs.

It helps you send automated DMs to other Instagram users for example those who follow other accounts, use specific hashtags, etc., connect your DMs to your email inbox to receive and respond to them right there, send an auto-response, and send DMs in bulk.

  • AiSchedul.com

Another app that is a part of this holding corporation is AiSchedul. This app as the name itself defines, centers around Scheduling your IG content.

It provides you with other features such as designing your stories and feeds, saving time and streamline scheduling efforts, multiplying your bio link for maximum interaction, rewarding people to engage with your posts, etc.

  • MyURLs.bio

MyURLs.bio, another part of Ainf_SOCIAL, allows you to add external links to your feed and Instagram bio to help your followers reach all your social Media sources through this one link, direct users directly from Feed posts to blogs, sites, and web checkout pages, etc.

  • Ainfluencer.com

Ainfluencer as a part of Ainf inc / Ainf_SOCIAL helps you do influencer marketing on your own. It gives you the opportunity to post a free marketplace ad, explore and invite target influencers, track your performance, etc.

How You May Come Up With Ainf_INC/Ainf_SOCIAL?

When you sign up for one of the services, your fee will be credited to Ainf_INC or Ainf_SOCIAL. It simply means that the umbrella company holds the assets of the businesses we just discussed. So please don’t think of them as con artists or swindlers. Just make sure that your purchase is legal and that it will be delivered to you immediately away.

Where Is Ainf_INC / Ainf_SOCIAL Located?

Since this company’s founding, it is located in Toronto-Canada but the services are provided globally.

This post was last modified on September 7, 2021 6:28 pm