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Get a dedicated social media virtual assistant to help you grow your following, reach out to new customers, and post content – every day, all year round!

AiGrow is your all-in-one Instagram solution, offering content creation, genuine follower growth, guaranteed engagement, and seamless direct messaging to elevate your Instagram presence. Join us today to unlock the full potential of your Instagram account.

Instagram Marketing Is
What We Do

AiGrow is a complete Instagram growth and engagement solution for businesses and influencers who are looking to generate targeted followers, stay top of mind, streamline their operation, and boost revenues.

GrowthMate - Organic Instagram Follower Growth

Get our team of human Instagram experts to drive engagement and growth to your page. We research optimal #hashtags, location and competitor accounts to find the right people for your page. No bots, no fake followers, the real deal! Guaranteed Followers. We can also help UNFOLLOW accounts each month to clean up your feed. Learn More.

PostMate - Weekly Content Curation

Our PostMate program offers full service Instagram design, post creation, and scheduling. Get custom content and design plans plus a personal account manager delivering weekly content and scheduling it directly to your Instagram page, keeping it fresh and relevant. Learn More.

DM Marketing

Direct Messaging is a powerful way to connect with new people, and convert existing followers into leads and sales.  We offer tailored solutions for individuals and businesses to efficiently manage their DMs, including precise targeting and consistent, safe messaging.

Mass Unfollow Services

AiGrow provides tailored solutions for addressing Instagram ghost, inactive, and fake followers. Your assistant will perform manual removals and execute mass unfollow plans, ensuring that users can enjoy a clean and vibrant feed, free from inactive accounts, and enriched by an engaged and active follower base.


Don’t Risk Your Account With Fake Followers or Bots

Using fake followers or bots can get your account blocked or disabled for good!  AiGrow is an agency powered by Instagram experts, creators, and influencers who will drive real people to your page.  We are 100% safe and compliant so you can grow and engage with confidence. 

What Our Clients Say About AiGrow

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How Our Instagram Concierge Programs Work

Step 1 - Pick a Plan

Is growth your main objective? Or do you struggle with generating content each week?  Or perhaps you need a team to do it all? We have the right plan for you, and at a price that starts as low as $49/month. See all plans.

Step 2 - Meet Your Dedicated Account Manager

After subscribing to one of our service plans, you are presented with a detailed strategy questionnaire, and link to schedule your strategy session. This is where you build out an expert plan for your page and you get to meet your dedicated team!

Step 3 - We Get to Work Right Away

Our content planners, designers and growth managers immediately get to work on your account.  For Instagram follower growth plans, we start reaching out to users the same day!

Step 4 - Be Informed Every Step of the Way

Receive automated daily activity reports so that you can see what’s been done on your account.  Each week you’ll also receive a growth report.  If you ever have questions, all you have to do is reach out to your dedicated manager via WhatsApp – anytime!

Are You One Of These Businesses?

Businesses of all shapes and sizes use AiGrow to grow, engage more with followers, save time and generate revenues. 
If you are one of the 
following, then this is the right solution for you!

eCommerce Brands

You have built a killer online store and need more targeted customers. Paying for Ads is just too expensive to grow organically, engage more, and generate more buzz with AiGrow.

Influencers & Creators

You have a vision and plan to generate income and run your own creator business - but have to wear many hats to make it all work. For just dollars a day, AiGrow be an extension of you as we grow, engage and streamline your page.

New Accounts or Entering the North American Market

Starting from scratch is always a challenge. You need to create content, develop a style and flow, come up with ideas, generate followers, and streamline your work. AiGrow will get you up and running in a matter of weeks.

Social Media Agencies

Social Media Agencies Developing strategy, killer creative and controlling costs is the name of the game for you. Extend your capabilities and generate more profit using AiGrow’s low cost, expert team - and powerful tools.

Local Shop Owners

Running a local shop is tiring work and marketing on Instagram usually falls to the wayside. For just a few dollars a day, you can have an Instagram concierge driving new people to your shop, posting great content, monitoring activity and more.

Brand Owners

Businesses today must have a social media presence, and that goes beyond simply posting some content or replying to some comments. AiGrow can be your Instagram “right hand person” to make sure you are always engaging, growing, and staying top of mind.


Grow Followers & Sales

More followers translated into more engagement and more revenue for your brand. Generate targeted, organic and high quality followers without lifting a finger.

Stay Top of Mind

Keeping your feed fresh and looking great is the KEY to generating engagement and followers. Our team will post 3-4x per week, using stunning images and graphics and engaging captions.

Generate buzz and awareness

Whether it’s through new followers using our manual growth team, micro-influencers using our DIY platform, or running regular contests – AiGrow has you covered.

Be more Efficient

Save time by having our team do the heavy lifting, or if DIY is your thing, use powerful marketing tools to automate scheduling, messaging and monitoring.

Save Money

Save time by having our team do the heavy lifting, or if DIY is your thing, use powerful marketing tools to automate scheduling, messaging and monitoring.

Have a Team Behind You

Running a business on your own can be lonely. With AiGrow, you will have a dedicated manager and team to bounce ideas off of, and ensure momentum focused on growth.

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Does AiGrow use bots or fake followers to grow my account?

Absolutely not!  Bots or fake followers will compromise your account and ultimately does not deliver results.  All activities are done by or human team of Instagram experts.

How many Instagram followers can I expect to grow by each month?

Depending on your niche and location, AiGrow can generate between 250-500 targeted new followers each month

How many content posts does AiGrow generate each week?

PostMate customers get 3 to 4 posts published each week.  We use your image and video assets, our own extensive library and new content to keep you top of mind.

How does AiGrow connect to my Instagram account?

Password information is never stored or captured on our servers.  Like any other agency service, we work hand in hand with you to share credentials and get work done.

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About AiGrow

We started on this journey in 2017 with a mission to help businesses and influencers with social media growth and engagement.  Using tech-enabled workflow, an international team of experts, and real Instagram know-how, we set upon building the best possible service out there.

Today, over 750k people have signed up to one or more of our services, and we manage over 1,500 accounts each day!  We invite you to join our community and see how a managed service can really transform your business.

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